Light in my Shadow

Mindful drawing is changing my brainwaves.

I began recording my brainwaves while mindful drawing back in May 2020. At the time of writing (October 2021), I have 17 months of data. It became apparent early on that my consistent mindful drawing practice was raising my high frequency gamma brainwaves.
What this is doing is raising my frequency.


The more I put in the work, the higher my frequency rises and the more I change.
Raising my gamma brainwaves is expanding my consciousness.
It’s switching on abilities I’ve never had access to.
It’s enabling me to access higher states of consciousness.
This ‘expansion of consciousness’ is the most blissful, delicious high in the existence of ALL THINGS (and trust me, I’ve looked). It connects you to the source of all things, and it dissolves false programs that block, bind, limit and keep you locked in a state of separation and suffering.
I’m a super-nerd when it comes to brainwaves and raising frequency, but diving-deep into frequency work doesn’t really belong on this website. Light in my Shadow (my baby right here) is dedicated to all things Mindful Drawing (the tool I use to raise frequency), as well as my personal journey of transformation from practicing it.

So I’ve created a separate space: freqrising (my other baby…) – which is dedicated to all things frequency, including what lowers our frequency, what raises it, and what happens when you do it. It’s powerful, fascinating stuff (even if I do say so myself…). If you’re interested in this aspect of consciousness expansion, head on over

In the smallest nutshell, Love raises frequency.
Fear suppresses it.