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Connect with Your Purpose – How to Find the Clues

There’s a lot of confusion over this big word: *insert booming voice* “PURPOSE”. This post is just my two cents on what I believe purpose is, and how to connect with your purpose.
We all have a reason for incarnating on Earth. Life isn’t some random occurrence that happens for NO reason at all.
Some people become aware during their lifetime that they are living their purpose, many do not.

First I’m going to talk about purpose in general – I’ll explain what I believe it is.

Then I’m going to talk about how to connect with your purpose – that is, to be aware that you are living it – and how to pick up those golden clues to find it.
Mindful drawing can how you how to connect with your purpose – even if you have no idea where to start.
If you’re not familiar with my work, mindful drawing is not really about the drawing (sounds weird I know…). It’s a powerful tool to help you access consciousness expansion. But more on that later.

We incarnate on Earth for a reason. Nothing is by chance.

Some people’s purpose are their ‘roles’ in life – maybe it’s to be a mother, an awesome uncle, a mentor, a teacher or to run an animal shelter.

There are thousands of people who’s sole purpose is to make memes and wake the masses. Or to make people laugh. Maybe it’s to teach people permaculture gardening, or run an organic restaurant.

Some people are to here to create life-altering inventions. Others are here to create actions that cause a ripple effect that creates change in others.

Many of us are here to speak out against injustices.
No ONE purpose is more important than another. They are ALL pieces of a giant evolutionary puzzle.
There are many people who die ‘too soon’ because of injustice, violence, suicide, addiction, accidents, illness or poverty, for example.

These souls had great purpose – most were not aware of it at the time – but their purpose in that lifetime was to TRIGGER CHANGE by way of having an experience, which creates a ripple effect, which sooner or later becomes a catalyst to show us WHY we need to find better ways to exist on Earth.
Everyone who leaves the world changes it a little through their exit.

Their lives had STRONG purpose.

This is how individuals as well as entire species, eventually expands consciousness (I also believe we’ve put our hands up for these roles many times).
Often the purpose of someone who died early, is to trigger someone who is left behind to do something that they ordinarily would not have taken on.

My own dad’s suicide triggered a new path for me. His death led to my rock bottom, which eventually led to mindful drawing, which led to my website.

You wouldn’t be reading these words right now, if it wasn’t for his purpose, which in turn directly affected my purpose. (hope I haven’t lost you by now…). Again, my dad was not aware of his purpose in his lifetime, but it was BIG.

PURPOSE comes in ALL shapes and sizes, all shades of suffering and covers the complete spectrum of duality from light to dark.
connect with your purpose
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When you identify and connect with your purpose it brings meaning to life.

If you’re not aware of your purpose, life can feel meaningless.

There is nothing to drive you forward. Nothing to get out of bed for. There is often a feeling of something ‘missing’.

THE SIGNS that point to your purpose:
At its core, it’s pretty simple to get on the path of identifying your purpose. You follow the thing that lights you up.

It’s the thing that nudges you to, “GO THERE, DO THAT THING”. It is something that brings you fulfillment and joy.

Hearing the clues to connect with your purpose, only get complicated because of 'mind'.

Sometimes we can’t hear the inner voice, or we ignore it because of the loud voice of the mind.

The voice of ego will stop you from following your whisper, because it replays programs learned from our society, like, “it doesn’t pay enough”, or “it’s not the big career I wanted” – or that your parents wanted, or your wife.

Maybe you fear people will laugh at you, or that you’ll fail.

The mind loves throwing doubts like, “I can’t do that”, “I don’t have time”. Or “I’m not good enough”. Subconscious programs often override the inner voice.

If you keep ignoring these whispers, you’ll be nagged by your soul’s voice and it won’t go away – even if you smother it under addiction like I did.

It can be muted and drowned out, but it will never go away.
connect with your purpose
In Bronnie Ware’s book, The Top 5 Wishes of the Dying, the Number One regret was, “I wish I’d had the courage to live the life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

It is harder to ignore a call of the soul, than to answer it.

Once you start following the thing that lights you up, the nudges get clearer, the whispers get louder and you get really damn good at spotting the signposts on what to do next.

This is how synchronicity and intuition get strengthened – through use. These superpowers will help you connect with your purpose, then they’ll take you all the way to where you need to go.

I’ve had a handful of things in my life that I was positive was my purpose.

But each one didn’t work out. Some never got off the ground. Others did get off the ground and they functioned for a few years. Just when I’m like, “YEP THIS IS IT”, they absolutely crashed and burned.

And I was confused, gutted and lost every time my ‘purpose’ didn’t eventuate.
Only upon looking back, I saw that these things were my purpose – at the time. I was learning. I was collecting my puzzle pieces. Your purpose at the time, may well just be a stepping stone to a different purpose.

It may be the road you need to walk down, to get to somewhere else.

How mindful drawing helps you connect with your purpose.

Practicing mindful drawing doesn’t tell you what your purpose is. That’s too bloody easy. Finding your purpose is for YOU to figure out.

Mindful drawing however WILL provide you with all the tools you need to identify it.

Consistent practice of mindful drawing will connect you to hearing your intuition – your inner voice which will guide you all the way.

Even if you can’t hear it at the start (like most of us because we let this special tool go rusty) – you can get it back.
Once you connect with your intuition, it becomes clearer and louder.
One of the core principles of mindful drawing, is it teaches you to tune into, then strengthen your intuition.

Clues – I call these breadcrumbs – will begin to drop in front of you through synchronicity leading you to events, people, places, information – and you will learn to ‘see’ the path unfold in front of you. Pick em up and follow.
You’ll begin to honour your purpose, by tapping into bravery and curiosity required to carve out the path that is leading you SOMEWHERE.
You’ll learn to identify flow states that indicate when you’re in alignment with purpose. And you’ll know when you’re OFF the path. The energy will not resonate right.

Then using self awareness, balance, willpower and boundaries, when you’re ready, you get back ON the path. And move on forwards.

You'll also learn the difference between your inner voice, and the voice of your ego (mind).

Ego wants your purpose to be this BIG grand thing. When you move ego and its superficial wants aside, you’ll see that all purposes are BIG GRAND THINGS. Every single one of them.
No one’s twisting your arm either, it’s YOU (your higher self) who designed your purpose in this life, no one else. IT’S ALL YOU.
If you don’t answer your calls, that’s fine! This is your game. You always have free will of choice.

Not answering a call to purpose, is in itself, a very valuable experience that you will learn much from.

There is nothing is more annoying than a constant nag of an unanswered call. There is nothing more fulfilling, than acting in alignment with your purpose.

It’s the reason you’re here.
The two most important days in your life, are the day you were born, and the day you find out why.

Mark Twain