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Tap into Synchronicity : Use ‘Meaningful Coincidence’ as Your Map to Life

When you’re in flow with life, mysterious ‘forces’ begin to work with you. One of these forces, is the appearance of synchronicity. When you learn to tap into synchronicity, you’ll begin to see it everywhere.
It’s a sign you’re on the right path.
Before I get stuck into this post, I want to announce that synchronicity is AWESOME…when you tap into synchronicity you’re activating nuggets of mysterious magic. AND YOU KNOW IT. It’s good weird….and you begin to want more.
Synchronicity is a giant wink from…the universe, your higher self? Your galactic A-team from the future? WHO THE HELL KNOWS – save your rational brain from trying to define where synchronicity comes from – just keep doing what you’re doing and invite more in.
When you learn to tap into synchronicity, it will take you ALL THE WAY to where you’re meant to go. It’s the invisible signposts for your unique path that says, “this is the way”.
I’m not going to try and explain how synchronicity works – because I don’t know how synchronicity works. But if you’re familiar with my work, you’ll know I often bang on about my belief that there is far more to reality than what you see with your eyes.
Reality is
way cooler
and FAR more
than we’re led to believe.

Synchronicity, is what Carl Jung called ‘meaningful coincidence’.

Out of thin air, synchronicity will bring you the right person, the right book, the right opportunity, the right information and it’ll just drop it in your lap.

When you tap into synchronicity, it connects us to 'our purpose'.

We’re not here for no reason at all.
We are each here for something very important indeed.
Purpose is what we’re here for.

Some purposes are (so-called) ‘big’, some are ‘small’ – but they all matter. Some of us are here to learn a lesson, or to observe, to stand up and speak out against something, some of us are here to help with the evolution of our species to move beyond killing each other, destroying Earth, shoe shopping and taking airbrushed ass selfies.
Every person who is counted as a ‘statistic’, or who died before their time had great purpose – although they were probably not aware of it at the time. Often their purpose is to trigger someone left behind to ‘do something’ they ordinarily would not have done. They teach us why humanity needs to evolve into a different ways of existing.
My Dad’s suicide is a huge driving force for my own work. In fact, I wouldn’t be writing this now, if it wasn’t for his ‘purpose’. No purpose is greater than the other, we all have our parts to play and we are all pieces of ONE giant puzzle.
When you’re aware you’re on the path to purpose, it’s a joy. It feels effortless. The more you follow your path, the more you begin to notice ‘coincidental things’ begin to appear, and they’re leading you somewhere. This is what we call synchronicity.

I often think of synchronicity as 'breadcrumbs'.

They get dropped in front of you, you pick em up and you follow the clues. You’ll begin to learn when you’ve strayed off ‘your path’, and you’ll learn this, through experience.
Synchronicity and intuition often team up and work together like a dynamic duo. Intuition will nudge you, or give you a feeling to do something, and synchronicity will drop the ‘thing’ you need in your lap. If you’re not attuned to noticing it however, you won’t even see it.
tap into synchronicity

When you tap into synchronicity, it's like activating a superpower.

I’d be totally lost without intuition and synchronicity. How the hell would I know what to do and when to do it? How would I find the right tools I need? What would I do without the signs indicating if I’m on the right track? I’d be floundering in the dark, trying to work it out with my brain – and that can only take me so far.
Most people in our society do NOT know how to tap into synchronicity – especially people with strong logic/rational minds. And there’s nothing wrong with that – it’s normal because it’s the way that society teaches us.
Our education systems teach us that synchronicity doesn’t exist – so for many, it doesn’t exist. It’s simply not a reality that’s able to be perceived.
Disconnection from synchronicity is just another program that disempowers us. It means we miss out on a very powerful tool. But the good news is, just like any ability that’s been lost or deactivated, you can reactivate synchronicity and intuition anytime you choose.
You can switch synchronicity back on like a light switch.
Mindful drawing teaches you to reactivate synchronicity again because it puts the brakes on your thoughts and programs that block you from perceiving it. This allows the truth to filter in through what is usually a solid wall of program/thought/belief. These false programs are taught to us, to keep us small and powerless, and they’re bullshit folks.
With consistent practice of mindful drawing, multiple benefits will begin to be activated – I talk about 50 benefits I personally experienced over in the benefits section. One of the benefits you’ll access is you’ll tap into synchronicity.

When you tap into synchronicity, you gain access to an invisible life map created just for you.

As I say often – I don’t expect you to believe me. I recommend that you try it and find out for yourself. Watch synchronicity appear in your life. Play around with it. Research it and USE it.
Find YOUR truth through your own direct experience.
Watch for the signs.
Follow the clues.

They are leading you somewhere that is the best place for you to go. When you tap into synchronicity, life begins to get very interesting indeed. This is your game, you can activate it if you choose. I can teach you how to do it, right here.

Image credit: Dreamy Moons