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Focus and Attention are the KEYS to Press Pause on Your Mind

Focus and attention are key elements in your mindful drawing practice for a really good reason.
With every line, pattern or circle that we draw, we train ourselves to put our full effort into it, and to do the very best we can.

Many meditation techniques also have the central element of focus and attention - for a good reason.

Some practices teach you to focus on the flow of breath. Other techniques teach you to place your focus and attention on a mantra, or on counting (beads for example), some practices teach you to focus on a flame, or simply on stillness.
focus and attention

Mindfulness practices are a little different - but they key element again, is focus and attention.

Mindfulness teaches you to anchor your full focus and attention into the NOW moment using your five senses. You gently bring your attention back to the present moment every time your mind wanders.
Mindfulness means you are RIGHT HERE, living every moment FULLY. It makes life rich, and alive and it’s bloody beautiful. I wrote a post about my first experience with mindfulness if you want to know more about how focus and attention is used here.

Full focus and attention on the NOW moment, is to be present with all of our senses.

This means we’re not thinking about something that happened in the past. We’re not worrying about the future, we’re not wondering what to make for dinner and we’re not eating a WHOLE bag of chips without being present. I’ve done this so many times and you feel kind of ripped off – you didn’t even get to taste them and the whole bag’s gone 🙁 You get all the calories and barely any enjoyment because you weren’t even really there. You were somewhere else.

But the main power of focus and attention is this:

When you’re fully focusing on something – such as your mindful drawing – your thoughts and programs are paused.

They cannot function while you have your FULL focus and attention on something you are doing. Every time your mind wanders into thought or emotion (and it will), you retrain your brain by acknowledging it, and bringing your full focus and attention right back to what you are doing.

It may not sound like such a big deal, but trust me - it is.

Until you consciously choose to do this at some point in your life, your mind and programs NEVER switch off. They run 24/7 until YOU create an action that is effective in pressing PAUSE.
If you never press pause on your thoughts and subconscious programs, you never open up an opportunity to let a higher state of consciousness in. You never start deconstructing your old false programs.

You will be stuck with them, for life.
This means you never get an opportunity to change the broken record. It just runs and runs and runs. Your programs do not switch off, until YOU SWITCH THEM OFF.
If you’re interested in upgrading your programs, whether that means deleting awful ones like I had – repressed childhood trauma, addictions (big or small), grief that’s become ‘stuck’, PTSD, low self-worth, self-harm, inability to manage sensitive emotions, negative self-talk – or even if you’re just curious what an upgrade holds, head on over to my tutorials page.

It’s up to YOU to change the program – no one will do it for you.

You’re the all-powerful programmer and you hold the keys (they’re inside of you). For some reason it’s just this big secret that doesn’t get taught to us as kids (unless you had really evolved parents). Why are children not taught this? We’ll that’s a topic for another post but it is REALLY NOT COOL. Moving on….
Focus and attention are your ticket to press pause on your old programs, to allow the TRUTH in. This is how you access a powerful, COMPLETE upgrade.
With consistent practice your old programs will gradually disintegrate and be replaced by a spectacular upgrade. You’ll start stepping into your power and seeing yourself change mentally, spiritually, emotionally and as well as in your outer world – physically. What you’re actually doing, is raising your frequency.

YOU are making this happen by engaging in a practice with the key element of focus and attention.

As with everything I write about, please don’t just take my word for it! I highly encourage you to find out the truth for yourself. Dip your toes in and get curious – or maybe you just get SO FED UP with pain and suffering, that you’re willing to give anything a go (this was my cue).

It’s all up to YOU. Watch how life begins to take on a whole new level of richness and magic, and your world will start getting very interesting indeed. Because YOU my friend, are creating it.