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50 Powerful Benefits of Mindful Drawing

The benefits of mindful drawing are complete game-changers. They hand you the keys to completely redesign your life. Some of these benefits kick in fast, while others will take longer to activate.

With consistent practice, these benefits become lasting traits that stay with you FOR GOOD.
They change you from the inside out.

Some of these benefits are lifesaving.
Some are just really nice, life-bettering.

And all of them, are available for you to have for yourself.
When I began unlocking the benefits of mindful drawing – past the age of 40 – I began truly living. Before then I was just existing – often in a very self-sabotaging way – which hurt me and it hurt others around me.

I give full credit to this practice for clearing out the layers of my damaging programs, and I live in deep gratitude every day. And when it activates some of the next-level abilities I talk about below like unity consciousness and enhanced sensory perception? Buckle up and get ready for gratitude overload.
is what
we all
have access to.
Now, I’m not saying that every benefit on this list will happen to you. That depends on many factors, including if you practice consistently and do the work. I am saying that these benefits happened to me, and without a shadow of a doubt I KNOW they’re repeatable.
If you put in the effort, you will see results.

Image: @fndesignart

People don’t need to be saved or rescued.
They need knowledge of their own power and how to access it.
The benefits of mindful drawing don’t just affect you. They affect your loved ones. They affect our communities, they reflect in global statistics and they ripple out and affect the entire world.
Each benefit of mindful drawing is a separate piece of your puzzle, and together they make up the complete picture. Gather your pieces. Watch your world come alive as your programs fall away.

This is your game. It’s up to YOU how you play it.
I’ve written about the 50 benefits of mindful drawing that I experienced. Some posts are long, others are quite short. My own story is woven into these posts to show you a real-person example of how it happened to me.

You can read these benefits any way you wish (of course), but here’s a suggestion: Don’t read them from top to bottom – scroll through the list, see what jumps out and start right there.

50 Powerful Benefits of Mindful Drawing

  1. Slow down, relax and reduce stress
  2. Manage anxiety
  3. Manage depression
  4. Grow self-love (a master key to ALL THINGS GOOD)
  5. Overcome addiction (to ANYTHING – alcohol, drugs, gambling, gaming, food, shopping, sex, social media, Netflix, TV, porn, news, busyness, beauty treatments, exercise)
  6. Increase focus and concentration
  7. Clear repressed emotions and learn to manage new ones (a key for clearing old trauma)
  8. Strengthen impulse control
  9. Learn how to accept things you can’t change
  10. Manage feelings of loneliness and isolation
  11. Alleviate boredom with a cool new hobby
  12. Sleep better
  13. Improve self-care
  14. Take responsibility for your actions
  15. Increase your willpower
  16. Stop taking things personally
  17. Enhance creativity
  18. Tap into synchronicity
  19. Tap into flow states
  20. Keep you out of prison
  21. Stop self-sabotage
  22. Forgive Yourself (release regret, guilt and shame)
  23. You feel proud of yourself
  24. Improve your relationships
  25. Activate and strengthen intuition
  26. Find power in being single (activate your divine feminine AND sacred masculine qualities)
  27. Become calm under pressure
  28. Tap into the power of boundaries
  29. Increase your sensory perception
  30. Improve your immune system
  31. Connect with gratitude
  32. Face your Fears
  33. Manage PTSD
  34. Activate self-awareness and insight
  35. Identify and connect with your purpose
  36. Manage empathy and compassion
  37. Synch with the seasons
  38. It’s okay to be vulnerable
  39. Increase self-confidence and own your authenticity
  40. It becomes a stepping stone to sitting meditation
  41. Learn how to practice mindfulness (Be here Now. Not in the past. Not in future)
  42. Become an optimist (a realist-optimist)
  43. Connect with unity consciousness and oneness (dissolve that bloody awful veil of separation)
  44. Improve memory and brain function (you get smarter!)
  45. Become conscious of what you consume (books, movies, conversations, gossip, other people’s drama, food, activities)
  46. Activate honesty, integrity and self-accountability
  47. You judge people less
  48. It can lead you out of rock bottom
  49. Helps you get out of bed in the morning
  50. Focus more on the inside, less on the outside