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Synch with the Seasons – Nature Knows the Way

When you’re consistently doing your inner work you’ll gradually begin to sync with the seasons, because Mother Nature has the most perfect blueprint for a thriving life. She’s had this master plan all along, but most of us are so busy doing our Earth shit we just never noticed.
Her timing is on point
and her balance
is second to none.

She’s perfected her methods
over millions of years,
and she’s right there to teach us
her ways.
 Through perfect examples she’ll show us what to do, and when to do it. She’s got the textbook for how to thrive.

When we don't follow her blueprint, life can get messy.

You might get weeds in your garden. If you let that shit go and then say goodbye to your fruit.

Then you have to rip it ALL out, regenerate the soil, plant new seeds and put in all the work to grow them – properly this time. I just described my own rock bottom there, but in weirdly-apt horticultural terms.

When you observe how perfectly Mamma Gaia does it, you’ll become her best friend and student. Then ever-so-slowly, you’ll align with her frequency and you’ll begin to synch with the seasons.

We don’t need to do our own human seasons exactly when she does it. Nor do we need to chop our seasons into neat blocks of three months – that’s her clock.
But she shows us the patterns. She shows us the cycles of how it works and why.

When you learn to synch with the seasons, nature will show you how to get the GOOD FRUIT.

Every year she’ll show you that spring is the ideal time to plant seeds for NEW things you want to grow in your life.

With the right balance of water, nutrients and sunlight, your little baby seeds will sprout and slowly grow.

She’ll teach you to protect your seedlings from predators that want to eat them. You’ve gotta get fierce if you want your seeds to grow into something far bigger.

This is where boundaries will help you. These invisible walls will keep the threats away.
Think about the mighty oak tree. This impressive GIANT grew from a tiny seed as small as your fingernail. This powerhouse can withstand storms and hurricanes because its roots run deep. The wind has made it strong.
Spring also teaches us that plenty of patience is needed to grow your little seeds.
The day you plant the seed
is not the day
you eat the fruit.

These ‘seeds’, are your new hobbies and skills. Your new relationships. The beginning of self-love. The process of healing.

Your seeds are EVERYTHING that you’re choosing to grow, from tiny infant stages.

Your mindful drawing practice begins as a seed, and it’s up to you to give it all the right elements it needs to grow bigger every day. Or it just won’t grow, then…no fruit.

The right elements, are time and effort. You have to make it happen (trust me, if I could do it, anyone can do it).

When you synch with the seasons, summer will teach you that there will be periods of rapid, accelerated growth.

This is the phase where the fruit is growing fast – if you paid close attention to your seeds in spring. You’ll begin to see things mature. Your efforts, are clearly beginning to pay off.

Summer is the time for activity. It’s where you get busy, and you celebrate what you’re growing.

Summer is the time for full action.

Autumn is a time of slowing down after periods of intense activity. It's the time of harvest.

Here, you’ll begin to collect the fruit which you carefully tended over spring and summer. You share the fruits around now, everyone in your world gets to taste the flavours of what you’ve been growing.

Autumn is also a time to prepare for the season ahead. You begin thinking about winding down your external activity. The days are getting shorter, and the nights get longer. Less outer work is being done.

Gradually, the focus is shifting inwards.

Winter is the time of rest. A time to go within, and the time to let go of anything that is holding you back from further growth. It’s a time for shedding leaves, pruning back and weeding.
Winter is a time
of slower growth,
but with a
master plan.
It’s gathering energy
for the
next cycle.

Winter is a time of inner work, reflection. It’s a time of darkness. A celebration of the mysteries of the night.

As I touched on earlier, you don’t need to synch with the seasons exactly when Mother Nature does her stuff. I partially do – I love doing my deepest inner work in winter. But I also flick the switch on my own seasons, when and as required.

Regardless of when your personal seasons are, the blueprint is there. Can you see when you synch with the seasons, how genius it is? Nothing is left out. It is the map of divine perfection.

And when you peer deeper, there is MORE...

Nature teaches us powerful lessons everywhere you look. The cycles of the moon and the patterns of the tide teach us about rhythms. Expansion and contraction. Growth and rest.

The destruction from earthquakes, storms and tsunamis teach us about chaos and order. We see that the destruction of the old is an essential part of the grand process, so we have an opportunity to rebuild better.

This is how we spiral upwards in our expansion every time, learning from the past, adding to it, and becoming more.

Nature teaches us to embrace change because she is ALWAYS changing. Nature never stays still because everything stagnant in nature will die.

Yet many of us fear change, because we fear the unknown, when what we should be fearing, is staying still – never growing, stagnating. We can never expand beyond what we currently are, without being bold enough to leap out into the unknown.

Mother Nature teaches us about the importance of diversity, symbiosis, cooperation and community.
She shows us how everything in nature is perfectly balanced. If you remove one tiny seemingly insignificant thing from the equation, the ripple effect is drastic and often catastrophic.

Nature gives us delicious gifts for the soul.

She gives us the best sunsets and beautiful tropical thunderstorms.

You can see her perfection in bird’s feathers, in butterfly wings, in the never ending array of fruits and vegetables and in the deep beauty in flowers.

She gives us bird songs of all kinds. Every animals and insect is a miracle in its design. She gives us medicine in plants. Earth to ground ourselves and water to cleanse us. She gives us fire to transform and wind to blow away that which does not serve us.
And yet most of us cannot see it – we are oblivious to these miracles which are everywhere – it is all around us.
I couldn’t see any of this until I was past 40. Now I’m immersed in her magic. I shed a few hot salty tears every week from sheer gratitude, because she moves me like nothing else.

What taught me to see this was practicing mindful drawing. It taught me to expand my consciousness, and I began to perceive a far more profound reality.

You don't just see Mother Nature - you are plugged into her.

There is no separation where she begins and you end, because she is you. Your energies are intertwined.

Something else rather beautiful kicks in when you align your frequency with Mother Nature: You begin to honour her and thank her. When you go for a walk, you pick up rubbish that others leave because you want to clean her and look after her.

You go out of your way to protect her, and you walk lightly on her. You don’t take from her and you don’t harm her.

When you see how beautiful she is, you will treat her as you treat yourself: with the utmost reverence and love. You are one.
Mother Nature
is one of the
biggest sources of comfort
for grief and sadness.
She emanates life force
and peace
like nothing else.
You’ll feel her magic standing on the sandy shore, looking out at an amazing ocean under a cool cloudy sky. You can feel her in a sweltering hot dusty desert.

She’s right there in the big peyote cactus, and later, at dusk, she comes out to play in the brilliant show of sunset. She is there in the thousands of glittering diamonds in the inky night sky, and she’s at your local park in the big tree with the birds chirping happily in its branches. Her magic is everywhere.

If you can’t see it like most humans on earth, you MUST remove the program of separation that blocks us from connecting to her. This illusion of separateness, is one of the biggest deceptions on Earth. It’s one of the most toxic programs there is.

When it’s gone, what is waiting for you is the BIGGEST source of pure Love and bliss. It is the highest of highs. I looked for this Love since I was a little girl and it was there all along. The mind blowing gratitude I feel at finding this never fades.

Mindful drawing – when practiced consistently using the method I teach – can raise your frequency and expand your consciousness. It can teach you to synch with the seasons and a WHOLE lot more.

If you’re keen to know more, I can show you how to do it, here.
“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

~ Albert Einstein
synch with the seasons