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Mindful Drawing Prison Program – Break the Cycle of Suffering

One of the goals carved into the big vision board in my head, is to create a Mindful Drawing Prison Program.

Not to teach in person, but a complete program with all the tools in an offline format. So whoever wants to learn mindful drawing, can. The same way I did.

When the time is right I’ll get cracking on creating it, but for now, I want to tell you why this is important to me.
Prisons are shitty hell holes, full of hundreds of thousands of people.

Many people in prison don’t care to change their ways. And that’s cool – their life is their game, and they can play it as they wish.

But there are tens of thousands of people in prison right now, who are desperately seeking healing tools to free them of their inner torment.
These people
are our
mothers and fathers.
They’re our brothers, sisters,
children and friends.
They are people who made a mistake – often, a massive one. They took a wrong turn in life.

I know every single night thousands of these people, sob quietly into their pillows in their cells. I can feel their pain. They’ve lost their freedom. Many have lost their kids, their families, their self-respect, their hope and their entire future.

 Many of these people have nothing left but time.

Many of the people doing time in prison right now ARE NOT ‘bad’ or ‘evil’. They’ve made a serious mistake or – for many – their actions have resulted in injury or the death of someone else. Never intentional, but utterly tragic nonetheless.

Some had generational trauma passed down to them. Some became damaged by our Earth system which is making so many of us sick. But all of them, are suffering.
The past cannot
be changed.
But the
Addictions and their root causes can be completely removed. Mental health damage can be reversed. Subconscious programs that create damage can be deleted and a new program installed in its place. Generational trauma can be healed. Mistakes can be atoned.

Mindful drawing also has the power to completely shift perspectives of those who continue to deny their crimes – because the precise technique I use dissolves rigid ‘false (learned) beliefs’.

Through our mindful drawing practice, we press pause on our thoughts repeatedly, and through this repetition, it cracks a hole in the rock-solid wall of belief, and the TRUTH is able to get in. And the truth is often a complete paradigm-shifting LEAP from our ‘false programs’. A complete 180.
The future can become a place of full potential. Or it can become a reality where cycles of suffering are perpetuated, which not only affects the person creating it, but it ripples out and affects their families and our wider communities.

Anyone who is determined to create their future can. Rock bottom pushes you into a corner. It's a powerful place, because it holds the fuel to create great change.

Part of healing is to take complete responsibility for your actions. Consequences have a reaction, and karmic debts must be settled. But after that?

The highest path after healing, is to shift into a life of service to others. To make something good come from what has happened. To help others. I know there is no such thing as too broken. I know these people have a future.

Many people in prison right now, do NOT have access to tools that can help them clear out the damage, rewire their neural pathways and switch on their full potential.
How can you change when you don’t have access to tools that work?

You don’t change. You can’t because you don’t know how to. So you stay trapped. You stay stuck hurting yourself, your family and the entire community until you die.

Everyone has a choice. But I know many people in prison would love to learn mindful drawing.

If I did end up going to prison back then? I would have jumped at the chance to learn mindful drawing.

It would have become the pivotal point which shifted my reality enough to create a different future. To change the outcome from cycles of suffering and pain, to one of freedom, service to humanity and full potential.
Everyone deserves a second chance.
Every single person alive has full potential to change from the inside, out.
Everyone can shift from fear to love.
Everyone can be whole again.

Mindful drawing and the consciousness expanding benefits I experienced, along with the EEGS that show what is occurring on the inside of my brain, has full potential to create this change.

Implementing a mindful drawing prison program is one way we can create a better world.

As Oscar Wilde said, “every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future”.

All you need are the right tools to delete the programs that create damage and suffering, and install a beautiful, high frequency upgrade. Just as I did on myself.

Mindful Drawing Prison Program