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What is Mindful Drawing and Why is it So Powerful?

Mindful drawing is what I call a ‘creation meditation’ – where the actions of meditation and creativity power up and become one. It teaches you to press pause on your thoughts and programs, and it plants the most game-changing seed there is:
You are a powerful creator.
You can create anything you choose.
Our thoughts NEVER switch off, and most of our thoughts are recycled from the same old pool of thoughts we had yesterday. These ‘patterns of thinking’ lead to the same outcomes in our lives, day after day. They often lock us into states of low frequency, because this is the way we are currently conditioned to exist on Earth.
what is mindful drawing
This rock-solid ‘thought ceiling’ means that aspects of your true nature (ALL THE BEST STUFF) simply cannot get through.
Mindful drawing can teach you a technique to crack a hole in this ceiling, which allows your true nature to become seeded into your consciousness.
As these seeds grow, they begin to change the way your brain functions. They begin to raise your high frequency gamma brainwaves. And raising your frequency expands your consciousness.
As you expand your consciousness, you begin to change.

But hang on...It's Just Drawing. Can Mindful Drawing Really Do All That?

Mindful drawing can do all that – see, mindful drawing isn’t really about the drawing – it’s about what’s going on inside your brain and consciousness. Just like meditation isn’t really about sitting on a cushion with your eyes closed – it’s about what’s going on inside your consciousness.
There are many methods we can use to access higher states of consciousness.

This method of mindful drawing is one of them.

Is Mindful Drawing a type of meditation?

Yes it is. It’s a disciplined, fun form of focus-attention meditation, where you place your full awareness on what you’re drawing. Every time your mind wanders into thoughts or emotions, you gently bring it right back to focus on what you are drawing. Repeatedly.
This focus begins to retrain your brain, and it presses “pause” on your thoughts and programs.
When you press pause on your thoughts consistently, you’re creating space for something new. Seeds will soon spring up in these new spaces. You don’t have to do anything to plant them, they will spring up on their own.
They arise, because there are no conflicting thoughts and programs to suppress them.
These are seeds of your TRUE nature. Seeds like gratitude, joy and growing self-love – and these feelings raise your life force. This process happens even if you’re at the blackness of rock bottom, which was my starting point. This is actually an excellent place to start.

With consistent practice these seeds will gradually grow into expanding states of self-love and self-awareness. It will unlock super abilities and connect you with the mind blowing state of unity consciousness. This is the highest of ALL highs. It’s bliss and Love in its purest form. You just need to get OFF the programs that prevent you from connecting with it.
Infinite Potential
You are so much more than you can imagine.
Your past does not define you.
What you do with your present does.
Layer by layer, a whole heap of benefits gradually reveal themselves – I talk about 50 benefits that I experienced personally, over hereThese seeds grow to become your new programs, and they are FULLY capable of overriding ALL the false, limiting programs. The only catch is – you must consistently practice. You get out of it, what you put in.

But I'm not creative and don't have any art skills! Can I still learn mindful drawing?

Absolutely. The truth is, we are ARE ALL creators. Many of us have ‘deactivated’ our creativity abilities, and that’s fine because they can be switched back on. This is abstract – there is NO wrong.

I’ll guide you until your creative ability is dusted off, then you won’t need my instructions anymore.
You are the artist AND the art.

Mindful drawing is especially suited to people who find meditation hard.

Mindful drawing is perfect for people who have difficulty with sitting meditation (old me, big time). It’s excellent for people who have racing minds, or for people who aren’t comfortable in silence, because this is when repressed feelings and memories poke you. I hear you. This was me too.

Mindful drawing is perfect here because you have something to focus on – the drawing – while repairs are going on in the background. I found it far easier than sitting in silence, where my suppressed traumas and emotions scared the crap out of me.

Mindful drawing firmly anchors you throughout this process of clearing and healing.

It sets you free.

The Four Principles of Mindful Drawing

If you practice mindful drawing for long enough, you’re likely to connect with these principles on your own. In my tutorials, I’m going to teach you them from the outset.  Through repetition these principles will become programmed into your subconscious mind, and soon you’ll take them out into the real world and use them there.
The four principles are:
  1. Do your best and let go of the rest;
  2. Go slow and get into the flow;
  3. You are a powerful creator. You can create anything you choose;
  4. Use your intuition.
These last two principles are the most powerful, because when you become programmed with a subconscious BELIEF of Number 3? It becomes a personal and planetary REALITY-SHIFTER.

Because now we know how to play.
You can read more about the Four Principles in my Tutorials section.

You can get mild results out of it or you can fling open the portal to next-level paradigm shifts. It depends on how consistent you are with your practice. You get out of it, what you put in.

And did I mention it’s fun?
SMASH THOSE WALLS OF LIMITATION (they are only an illusion).

Go outside where they taught you that you can go.
What is in there is FAR more beautiful than you can imagine. Get curious. Find out for yourself.

We really can create our reality.