Light in my Shadow

The Fire Song – My Dream

In my dream I lived in a village with cobblestone streets. I could feel a strong communal, happy vibe and there was lots of sunlight.

I went for a job, to work for a spiritual teacher I respected. I met with her secretary, and I was full of optimism.

Then she asked about my past. She told me she’d looked me up. I was mortified. She smiled gently and said it’s okay – she was intrigued – but my plans went out the window. I no longer wanted a job where people knew of old me.

My dream flashed forward. Now I was sitting in a big marquee, full of people. I had my nose down writing, writing, always writing in my little notebook.

Suddenly the facilitator called me out – she asked me to sing my Fire Song.

A Fire Song is a song of personal transformation.

Mine was about me, and my life. It’s the song that burned away all the pain, all the damage – all the parts of my old life – burned it in heat so scorching it reduced it to nothing, so from the ashes, I could create new life. This was my Fire Song.

I didn’t want to sing it just yet. I didn’t want the attention. So a woman sitting next to me – a big, beautiful islander woman with motherly energy – asked if she could sing it for me.

They were all proud of me and wanted to hear my Fire Song.

So we all sat in this big marquee, and she sang my Fire Song loudly to the others. She put her arm around me, over my shoulders, in complete love and support, and I was moved.

In a return gesture of love and a silent thank you, I reached up and held the end of her hand as she sang.

I was grateful that my Fire Song was the song of old – the song of transformation.

I bathed in their unconditional love, and the energy of communal unity. And I listened as the frequency of my song was shared with the others, so that they too may create their own Fire Song.

My dream: 19 November 2020