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Frequency and Vibration

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The Fire Song – My Dream

In my dream I lived in a village with cobblestone streets. I could feel a strong communal, happy vibe and there was lots of sunlight. I went for a job, to work for a spiritual teacher I respected. I met with her secretary, and I was full of optimism. Then she asked about my past. […]

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Manage Empathy and Compassion

Until you learn to manage empathy and compassion, it can hurt like hell because you feel more. This is hard because the world we live in is rife with suffering. But once you learn how to manage it, it becomes an enormous gift. It’s no accident there are increasing numbers of highly sensitive people and

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Connect with Gratitude

When you connect with gratitude, you tap into one of the biggest highs you can experience, because being in a state of gratitude is as high-frequency as it gets. It’s pure love. As a person who was a gigantic, dysfunctional addict, this is what I looked for everywhere. It’s free and it’s all around you

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