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The Elastic Band Effect – Suffering Can Fling You Into High Frequency FAST

A curious thing can happen to people who are stuck in great suffering. When you tap back into gratitude (and no… it’s not gone for good), it has full potential to have an elastic band effect.
It can fling you like a slingshot into high frequency bliss STRONGER and FASTER than if you had not been in such a dark place.
The longer you’ve been there, and the darker your world has become, the more power it has. The pain of deep suffering holds powerful potential, which is good news for us here on Earth, because the program of suffering is rife.

It sounds like a bit of an odd thing to say – but I can tell you from personal experience, it ain’t fiction – it’s real.

Here's an analogy of how the elastic band effect works:

Imagine a man who goes to the beach, and sits and watches the sunset every single day for 1000 days. An absolutely beautiful sight, which, every day for 1000 days this person gives gratitude for.

Now imagine another man.

This second man has been locked in dark prison, full of sorrow and isolation. He’s experienced deep emotional pain and no light for 999 days. And on the 1000th day, he’s released.

He wanders down to the beach, dazed and dead inside. He sits down next to 1000 sunset guy and they watch the very same sunset.

****POW!**** The level of sheer gratitude, joy and bliss is far stronger for one sunset guy, than for 1000 sunset guy. Blast-you-into-the-fucking-stratosphere kind of stronger. Pure ecstasy. Tears of gratitude don’t stop flowing and his heart overflows with joy.
The intensity of this profound experience, cements it as one of the most powerful moments of this man’s life.
The more emotional intensity relating to gratitude, bliss, joy and love = the higher the frequency.

The elastic band effect can raise your frequency faster. The power, is created by your emotions.

the elastic band effectEmotions are the key to raising frequency.

Emotions are frequency. Gratitude, bliss, joy, compassion and love, are human experiences which correlate with the highest frequency.

I see it on my EEGs – when I tap into these feelings during my mindful drawing sessions, I check my EEG at the timestamp I felt it (I write it on my hand), and I see surges of gamma rising.

Dr Daniel Goleman, neuroscientist and co-author of Altered Traits, states that tapping into compassion during meditation increases gamma brainwaves up to 800% within seconds.
You can feel frequency.
If you’re stuck in a world of darkness, pain and suffering that doesn’t seem to budge, or if you’re feeling low and disenchanted by life, know you don’t have to stay like this.

You can put the brakes on the programs that run your thoughts and behaviours. It all starts there.

Mindful drawing can teach you how to pause the program, and with consistent practice it’ll allow seeds of your TRUE NATURE – like gratitude and joy – to spout again and grow.

All you need to do is consciously (and consistently) put the brakes on the programs THAT CREATE THE SUFFERING. The rest, will take care of itself. By doing this, you’re creating a higher frequency version of YOU.
When you create yourself,
you create your reality and this affects everything
in your world.

If you choose to continue growing these seeds, what’s waiting for you is better than 1000 sunsets.

You’ll crack through the program until you see that you ARE the sunset and it is you (for real, get that veil of separation OFF).

This is where things begin to get very interesting indeed. It is the highest of highs, and the source of pure love itself.

When you get those programs OFF, what you'll find underneath is your true nature.

To my friends in darkness and pain, I see you. I AM you. Mindful drawing and the good things that come from it is especially for you.


Image credit: The Cosmic Feminist