Light in my Shadow

Enhance Creativity (cause you’re a Creator Being!)

Anyone who thinks creativity is just for kids got told a big sad adults lie. The good news is you can unlearn this horrendous fib and enhance your creativity anytime you choose.
Keeping your creative juices flowing doesn’t just result in physical art.
It goes way further than that.
When you tap into your creative powers, you’ll become that person who can invent unique solutions while everyone else has got nothing. You’ll be the genius who can make cool shit from just a paperclip and duct tape. Like MacGuyver.

You and your imagination can hang out together for hours and have the best time ever. You’ll be able to whip up gourmet recipes with 5 ingredients, play the best imaginary games and see solutions where other people can’t.
Artists, inventors, visionaries, cooks in the kitchen, builders, gardeners and writers ALL use creativity to make stuff from nothing but their imaginations and random materials. Why?

Because it makes them feel alive.
Tapping into your creativity is also very healing. It’s a powerful method to move emotion through you which is great for processing grief and other heavy emotions.

Yet creativity is even bigger than this.

Humans are master creator beings – if we choose to be.
We can create new habits.
We can create new responses to triggers, new thought patterns and beliefs.
We can literally create our entire life from the ground up.
We can also use creativity to find new and better ways of living on our planet.
Everyone has creativity – it’s a natural part of being human. We’re always creating – but most of us create unconsciously – that is, we’re not aware we’re doing it.

Many of us create self-sabotaging, or limiting outward manifestations based on the dysfunctional programs we have installed – and we just think it’s our short-stick sucky life, but it’s not. It’s unconscious creation.

When you clear these crappy programs out, you can create consciously – with full awareness.

When you activate and enhance creativity, life gets very interesting indeed. Now, you get to CHOOSE what you create.

Conscious creativity gets stronger the more you use it.

You can create a new smoothie recipe, or a hand painting with your nephew. Maybe you prefer to use creativity to make a sculpture, or a weird-ass fusion of tai chi and dance.

You can write a surreal, imagination-rich poem or even glue 10000 matchsticks together and make an abstract Noah’s ark for your bathtub.

Maybe you’ll be inspired to mosaic a wall, or paint your fridge with something so full of personality it makes you smile every time you open the door for another blueberry & dark choc vegan muffin (hey it’s a mini!!!).

What about painting your dining table into yellow squares? (maybe don’t rush into this one…!) When people come over, you ask them to leave an imprint of THEM in the squares – a note. A saying. A handprint. Life is too short to not live it fully.
YOU are turning boring things to life.
You’re enriching people’s lives by bringing out the creativity in them.
You’re inspiring people and juicing up their life force.
Plus everyone will want to come over, because your place rocks and it makes them FEEL ALIVE! You’re a little bit of fun, you are.

Hand on my heart, without creative expression, life is small. It's dry, shriveled and crunchy and sapped of vitality. It's a freaking dehydrated desert of life force.

See what I did there? I used creativity and imagination with words and it FELT GOOD.

Turn the shit-box and those programs off. Switch some music on. Drop some essential oil on your wrists, make a cup of herbal tea, take your shoes off, stretch, breathe, put on some comfy clothes and tap into your inner child.
Don’t worry
about mess –
have fun!

Shush the inner sourpuss who whispers snarky programs like, “What the hell am I doing?” “WHY am I doing this?” “This looks shit!” “I feel ridiculous!” “This is a waste of time”, and my inner-bitch favourite: “Ooh look who thinks she’s Picasso!”

I could go on with negative self talk but I won’t cause it’s a toxic buzz kill. Observe the program. Tell your mind to get in the back seat and put a lid on it.
We use intuition and imagination to tap into creativity.

The mind (logic and rationality) doesn’t really get creativity and art. It tries to tell you it doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t see the point in abstract. BACK SEAT MOFO.

Being connected to your creativity is how you unwind the clock on aging your spirit. Tap into your inner child who doesn’t overthink. Throw yourself into creativity BECAUSE IT’S FUN. I’m 45 now, and thanks to creativity I’m pretty damn sure I’m getting younger by the year.

Creativity raises your life force. It keeps you connected with laughter, colour and play, and this is a huge part of what living as a human is all about.

When you enhance creativity, you expand.

enhance creativityEverything on my website and everything I am as a person, is about growing bigger. Brighter. Taller. Braver. Consciously expanding further.

And if you think you don’t have time for creativity? Make time. Create it.
If you don’t make time for creative acts of self expression and well being now, it will cost you later. Just sayin’.
You’ll become one of those dry, crunchy prune people who doesn’t laugh. Undo the prune in you. Juice it up.
Keep energy and emotion flowing through you, and enrich your inner world. All by using your energy to make something from absolutely nothing but your hands and your imagination.
If that’s not magic
I don’t know what is.

Mindful drawing will help you enhance your creativity.

I can teach you how in my tutorials section. And from there? Watch the magic grow. Play with it. Test it out in new areas until you’re not just creating art and solutions, you’re creating the life you want to live.
When you’ve got a handle on that? We get out there and collectively create a better world.