Light in my Shadow

The Magical Room Called ‘Moon’ – My Dream

In my dream I was at a party in a huge mansion – I was bored like I am at most parties.

I remember high ceilings, white marble floors, and I was aware I had a very special pass hanging around my neck.

There were heaps of people there I knew – friends from my old circle – and I remember chatting with them and ripping a bong (old me style).

To my surprise, my old boss was there (who I hadn’t even thought of in 30 years) – he was one of the few figures of authority I actually liked and respected.

There was a wide, ornate marble staircase right in the middle of the room, and I was totally preoccupied with it, so I left everyone and walked slowly up the staircase.
When I reached the top, to my right I saw a room with the door closed, and above the door there was a sign with the word “Moon”. It was the most beautiful sign I’d ever seen – the letters were opalescent, sparkly and glittery – they were alive and they beckoned me inside.

I opened the door and I went in. I stepped into a room that was black and vast – it had no ceiling now and no walls – it was infinite. It was empty of everything except millions of twinkling stars – it looked like space. I’d stepped out into the heart of the universe, and I felt I was standing in everything, yet nothing all at once.

It was the most ‘otherworldly’ place I’ve ever been, and I felt such a love and connection with it – I was overjoyed to be there. I felt like I was standing in the source of all things, and it occurred to me I’d just glimpsed something I wasn’t sure I was meant to see.

I came back out and I closed the door. I was blown away. When I got downstairs I told my old boss what I found, and he said I wasn’t allowed in there just yet and he took my pass off me!

I think and hope I’ll be allowed in there one day soon – it was the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a dream, ever. For now though, I feel privileged I had a glimpse.


Another dream I had in 2017, during my time at rock bottom.

28 January 2021: More than three years later, I found that ‘room’ again. I now recognise that room clearly as unity consciousness. The source of all things. ALL THAT IS. I am it and it is me.

This time, I get to keep my pass.