Light in my Shadow

"Consciousness Expansion"

“Consciousness Expansion” – Ink and Paint – 42cm x 29.7cm

This piece is inspired by two things I love: The universe; and neurons firing and wiring in my brain.
Isn’t it wild how they both look so similar?
I love gazing into the night sky. It’s full of mystery, life and possibility. It feels very familiar to me. I know without a doubt I’ve got a home up there, that’s far more ancient than my Earth home. I’ve felt it since I was little.
And how mind blowing is it that there are way more stars in our universe, than there are grains of sand?

This same image, also shows my neurons firing and wiring. It's a peek of what's going on inside my brain.

These are my little neural babies, reaching out their tendrils to other neurons, making friends, teaming up and seeing what potential they have.
They’ve carving out new roads and highways, where before there was nothing – no paths, no signs. Unexplored territory.

What’s down these paths?
How about let’s find out?
I’m creating these new neural pathways by overriding limiting programs that we’re taught. They’re lies by the way. Designed to keep us small through our belief systems.

Our present-state neural desert is FULL OF LIMITLESS POTENTIAL. I’m activating this potential through installing powerful programs into my subconscious like my fave:

"You are a Powerful Creator.
You can create ANYTHING you choose."

The old limit is no longer the limit. It never was.

Now you find YOU CAN PUSH PAST IT. The limits were only illusions.

New neurons fire and wire. Your brain lights up as you crack new ground, new areas dust themselves off, spark up and crank into action.

New territories are explored and new abilities are activated. ‘Reality’ expands. ALL POTENTIAL is unveiled as the new truth.

This what this mindful drawing symbolises to me.

Which do you think is more exciting to explore – the full potential of the human brain? The expansion of multidimensional consciousness? Or the vastness of space?

I’m partial to the expansion of consciousness – but I really like ALL THREE.