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Manage Feelings of Loneliness and Isolation with Mindful Drawing

Feelings of loneliness and isolation are states of mind. You can spend years on your own, and not feel lonely. And you can be surrounded by people, and still feel lonely.
The reason why so many of us feel lonely, is because the system we live in teaches us that we are separate from everything else – when we’re not. We are all connected and we are all one.
It sounds like a bit of a wacky statement to make, that is, until you experience it.

Read my post on dissolving the veil of separation to wrap your head around what unity consciousness is. It’s the biggest, most blissful high to learn that you are everything that you seek.

You just gotta get off those programs that block it.
loneliness and isolation

Feelings of loneliness and isolation can be extremely painful to experience.

It’s such a heavy, deep ache that it’s responsible for a large number of suicides – it is that bloody awful.
But like all prisons and programs of the mind, feelings of loneliness and isolation can be unlearned.
These days, I’m a big fan of of being on my own. At this point in my life, I don’t want any social distractions from exploring my consciousness and building my website. I’m also a big introvert – I need to be alone for big chunks of time.

But as much as I’m a fan of solitude, I’m also a big fan of community. Conscious community, that comes together with a dream for a better world, and brings all their different skills to the table with a willingness to learn from each other. Family 2.0.

It sounds contradictory. But it’s not. Many humans (not all) need both solitude and community.

If you're on your own right now and you're feeling the pain of loneliness or isolation, why not use this this time and dissolve this horrible veil of separation with an awesome new hobby? I can teach you.

Afterwards, when the time is right (you’ll know when), if you wish, then connect with community.

When you’ve done the inner work, your new frequency will pull your new tribe towards you. You’ll resonate with similar souls. It doesn’t matter if you currently have no friends, you’re 80 years old or socially shy.
I’ll be writing a posting on the many EASY ways to connect with community as a later date.

When you consistently practice mindful drawing, you'll activate benefits which will gradually dissolve feelings of loneliness and isolation.

One benefit which is a big key to dissolving the pain of loneliness and isolation, is growing self-love. You’ll connect with real YOU which exists underneath the bullshit programs we learn on earth to keep us feeling separate. You will become your own best friend.
You’ll begin to feel less alone because you’ve got a new hobby to keep you busy – one that’s dishing out so many benefits it makes you keen to dive deeper into the mysteries of inner work.
But the kicker is this: You will begin to plug yourself back into unity consciousness. You connect to ONENESS and the source of all life.
And as this happens, the illusion – the prison of your loneliness and isolation – begins to dissolve.
You realise you are not alone. You begin to develop your connection to the most blissful state of love – it’s everywhere. It’s in nature. It is in the act of creation. It is not separate from you – you ARE it and it is you. You are one.

It is the biggest trip there is. It is pure Love.

This is one of those benefits that to fully appreciate, you must experience it.

It’s the only real way to know what I’m talking about. But it’s there for all of us.
This has nothing to do with religion by the way – it’s where religion came from, before it got all skewed and tainted. Connecting back into unity consciousness is bigger than religion.

This is what happens when you put the brakes on your thoughts and programs.

Your thoughts and programs shape your reality. They create a rock solid ceiling where nothing else can get in. When you create holes in this ceiling, the truth will be able to get in. Your truth.

So if you’re feeling the ache of loneliness and isolation, I can show you how to smash the illusion the same way I learnt: through mindful drawing.
Mindful drawing is NOT about becoming an artist. It’s a powerful vehicle that I found works very bloody well to expand consciousness.
Know you have all the power to break free from this prison starting today. This challenging time can become the greatest gift in your life, if you choose to use it.

You’ve got nothing to lose (except your programs), and you have everything to gain. I can teach you how.