Light in my Shadow

The Alien Invasion – My Dream

Here’s another dream from my least favourite ‘apocalypse’ category.

I was sitting outside, at a bluestone café in a beautiful tree-lined street, the sun was shining, the sky was blue and it was a perfect day. The street reminded me of George Street, Fitzroy, back in my old hood (in the real world).

I was at the cafe with Simone my sister, my brother Michael, and an old childhood friend. We were waiting for breakfast, and the waitress came over and refilled my orange juice, but then she dropped the full glass of orange juice into another empty cup in front of me, and it splashed on my top. I got really shitty with her and she said sorry.

The waitress left, and we were talking about what a perfect day it was, and suddenly my sister points upwards into the sky and says, “look at that!”. I could see something falling to earth. It was shiny, silver and metallic, and we could hear a high-pitched whistling sound getting louder as it was falling.

We didn’t take our eyes off it as we watched it drop. I was worried that it was a bomb or something because it seemed to be close. We sat there frozen in a pause, and as it hit the earth we heard an enormous “BOOM!!!”, and a few seconds later we saw the shock wave (like in the movies) radiating outwards from the impact and coming towards us.

Everyone including us, immediately got up, chairs were falling over and people started screaming and we started running. Within a few seconds Simone and I lost Michael, and then we lost my other friend, who, for some reason ran in the direction towards it.

My sister and I, and most others ran away from it, and I remember not being able to find any shelter so we hit the ground as the shock wave passed over, and when we got up the town was devastated. I lost my sister as I was caught up in the flow of the people running, and I had to keep going.

This chaos and confusion went on for a few minutes, and then suddenly an enormous alien appeared on the horizon. He looked similar to us, but he was 100 foot tall, standing against the sky.

He appeared benevolent, and we all felt compelled to gather around him, and we sat down to listen to him. We seemed to be under his control – like he was making us do this.

He told us to go back to exactly what we were doing. Life would now go on like before. Life would look the same, we won’t really notice the change, but it would be ‘better’.

There was a guy sitting near me who yelled out and questioned him. And before I could make sense of what happened, this guy floats up into the air and he’s all ironed out – like totally flattened in his clothes – he’s just like a ribbon blowing in the breeze.

I could see, or sense his face was there somewhere, and he wasn’t petrified, nor were we, it was just a little weird and he just looked a little confused.

It felt like they were here to help us, yet there was something very sinister about it. I knew they wanted something and I didn’t know what it was. And the fact that they turned the other guy into a ribbon and well, bombed us suggested they’re not here for our benefit.

The day was still sunny, and I remember feeling relief that I could go back to the café and see my brother, sister and my friend again, and we could continue just as we were before. That was my main thought. The pickle we were now in with the realization of what I’d just witnessed was hovering right behind that primary thought.


This dream was also from 2017 – while I was down at rock bottom.

I’m not entirely sure what this one means, but it was so vivid I had to write it down. I found it odd that when we saw the ominous truth, dream-me was content to pull the wool back over my eyes and to go ‘back to normal’. I would never choose this. In real life, once you’re awake you can never go back to sleep again. Nor would I ever want to.

It felt like brainwashing. Another program of control.

Every system or organisation that does not have our best interests at heart, wants us to think it’s benevolent – that it’s there to help us – and it programs us to think that everything is okay. Yet most of us don’t even realise there’s deception going on, because we’re IN THE PROGRAM.

Yet if you peel away the layers and go deeper, we see the truth.  The veil of illusion is the biggest deception of our times.