Light in my Shadow

Judge People Less – It’s Ugly and Toxic (and we all do it).

Humans are a judgy bunch. I was. I still am. But there’s a difference – these days, I’m conscious of it. Being aware of it means I judge people less, and when that low-vibe bugger sneaks in, it’s fleeting.
It’s so easy to get stuck in the habit of judging other people and honestly? I’ll just say it: it’s ugly.
Judging other people leads to division, separation and if it’s a strong habit, it’s easy to slide over to the bully team.
I STILL put my bitchy-judgy pants on when I see yet another airbrushed ass-selfie making news. I do it when I see celebrities showing off their collection of designer bags that cost more money than it would to feed a small country.

I get angry and judgy when I see billionaires flaunting their billionaire toys which desperately scream “LOOK AT ME!!!!”. I cannot bear it. To be honest, it disgusts and saddens me.

I can feel the pain of the millions of people who can’t afford medical treatment which determines whether they live or die. I can feel the pain of their kids. Their partners. I get angry for those people who can’t sleep at night because they’re cold and hungry. Or a mum can’t feed her crying baby.

Hell yeah I judge. I’m not a fucking saint. But I’m working on it.

Here's my judgey-ass process (yes I'm breaking it down).

My first impression is, it grates against my nerves. Then I stop. Compassion and understanding thankfully comes and sit with my firey ass.
I understand why so many of us place our self-worth on the external perception that others have of us. Often, we don’t know any other way. It’s the way our global system is set up to be (for reasons that do not have our best interests at heart).

These people hurt too. They have fears and self-worth issues, as do many of us.
The tiny seed of judgement can grow into jealousy, hate and wanting to bring down those who think they are better than the rest of us. Judging is low frequency toxic poison.
judge people less
I also get super-judgy and angry when it comes to animal cruelty that humans accept as ‘normal’ – the horror of factory farming, animal testing and live animal exports.
I feel great shame to call myself human when I see what we do to other living and feeling animals. I get ferociously judgy at people who claim to care, yet turn a blind eye to the fact they are creating pain and suffering with their purchases.
But then I catch myself. I know it’s only when you’re removed from the program that you begin to see the horror for what it really is. When you’re doing it? You can’t see it. Because it’s normalized, people are desensitized to it. You just do what you were taught to do.

Judging others extends to far beyond these few examples.

Maybe you judge someone to be a horrible person because they hurt you. It’s pretty standard to judge the drunk person down the street, or the Mum sitting in the gutter with her kid in the car who got arrested for drink driving.

We judge that person who did that crime that went to jail. Maybe you judge your friend, or Mum or brother for their actions, because if it was you – you would do ‘that thing’ differently – you’d do it better – so why won’t they?

Short answer: Because they are not you.

We all have different baggage, different paths and different levels of awareness.

Everyone has different lessons to learn in this life, and they learn their way – not your way. Your lessons – are your way. It’s not your business to say someone should do something different because you think they should. They are not you. You don’t know what they’ve been through.

How mindful drawing helped me judge people less.

This weird benefit of mindful drawing actually comes down to self-awareness and choosing to create a different response.

You’ll begin to notice yourself doing it. Gradually, you’ll see where it stems from – sometimes jealousy, sometimes anger. Often we judge others to make ourselves feel better.

At some point when it is right for you, you’ll come to your own decision that is a ‘lower’ action. You know it’s not right. You’ll see that it’s a crappy thing humans do.
You’ll begin to notice that you can CREATE your response rather than automatically react. You’ll consciously choose to judge people less.
Low vibration activities WILL block you from progressing with your own consciousness expansion. And when you get on the path, you really want to go further – because it rocks. It’s the best, most beautiful high there is. You create the path with your choices.

If you’re doing your inner work AND you’re hanging out with a circle of people who bitch and judge, sooner or later you’re going to stop resonating with this behaviour. You may even lose those ‘friends’ because you just don’t have those things in common anymore.

You’ll lose what is NOT meant for you, and you will find new tribe who resonate with you, on your new level.

So next time you catch yourself judging - stop and observe.

Can you feel any compassion and understanding for this person? Put yourself in their shoes. Can you let go of judgement and accept that there are reasons people are created the way they are? That many people don’t know how to do any different?

Can you see yet in yourself, what is your trigger to judge? Why you judge teaches you more about your own wounds. Judging others, is in effect, your mirror.
judge people less

Ask yourself, what can you do to judge less?

Is your social media is full of people with so-called perfect bodies, or influencers with lifestyles that induce judgement in you? If they bring out anything negative at all, like comparing yourself, feeling ‘less than’, then do yourself a favour and hit DELETE. Over and over again.
Fill your feed with inspiring, creative, awesome, real and fucking fantastic accounts – there are tons. Cleaning out your social media is a great place to start.

Clean out your social media.
Clean out your friends circle.
Clean out your energy field.

Your choices are where you find the power to create your reality. To judge people less seems like a tiny habit, but it’s not. It’s directly related to your own well-being, your own energy and how you use it.

You are magic – the question is, how do you want to use your magic?