Light in my Shadow

Mindful Drawing : A Key to Expansion

Mindful drawing isn’t about becoming an artist.
It’s far more than that.
It’s a powerful meditation practice that has the ability to expand your consciousness.

When you squish it right down, the way I practice mindful drawing works like this:

It teaches you to put the breaks on your thoughts. It cracks holes in your rock-solid programs;

In these new spaces, you’ll find seeds for a powerful upgrade;

It installs the subconscious program that you are a powerful creator. You can create anything you choose.
As these ‘seeds’ grow, they raise your gamma brainwaves. This raises your frequency, which expands your level of consciousness.

And you begin to change.
This powerful technique has the power to delete programs like low self-worth, suppressed trauma, depression, anxiety, addiction and grief that won’t budge.

And it goes further than that. Once the ‘repairs’ are complete? It activates intuition, unity consciousness, deep peace, expanding self-love, high levels of self-awareness and more. WAY MORE.
The reason I know, is because I did it.
I am the example that it works.

What you'll find here on my website:

50 benefits that happened to me

These aren’t baby benefits, these are 50 bloody big benefits that I activated – once it gets going it snowballs. These benefits are repeatable for anyone who wants to experience them.

Mindful Drawing Overview and Tutorials

In this section I talk about what mindful drawing is, and why it’s so powerful. And over here, I teach you how to do it yourself.


Deep down, I’m really just a big nerd. Since 2020 I’ve been recording my brainwaves regularly while I mindful draw, because I came to the awareness that my consistent practice is raising my frequency (visible in my gamma brainwaves). The more I put in the work, the higher I raise my frequency and the more I observe myself change.
I’ve recently set up a new website at where I go deeper into the subject of brainwaves and frequency. Raising our frequency has the complete power to change our own lives, as well as our collective way of living on Earth. It’s my full-time passion project that totally floats my boat…If it interests you (like it does me), then head on over.

A Blog for my thoughts

As from February 2022, I won’t be writing blog posts on this site too often – the majority of my time and energy will be channeled into growing my other baby: freqrising. It’s become apparent I can’t juggle regular updates on both websites and stay sane and grounded – I have no time left for me, so I’m whacking in one of those boundaries

All the most important bits however, are already here, and I’ll always be announcing new tutorials via my blog – I’m set on growing the how-to section of mindful drawing until I’m old and grey. I’ll also occasionally update on how my mindful drawing is still changing me, as well as any other mindful drawing-related thoughts. I still mindfully draw every single day – and I always will.

For everything else? Subjects like creating YOU, creating your ENTIRE LIFE, as well as the world around us – will all be posted on freqrising. Please join me there.

My Mindful Drawings

I use my own drawings as examples to show you what mindful drawing looks like. None of them are ‘perfect’, and they’re not meant to be! Creativity is beautiful with individuality, and mistakes…(I prefer, ‘learning curves’…). Accept them! Celebrate them. Learn from them. Do your best and let go of the rest.
I get excited by the imagination and creativity, because we can create ALL kinds of things – including new ways of living on Earth.
We have the ability to create new habits, new thought patterns, new perspectives, new responses – and by doing so, we create a different outcome.
Mindful drawing can connect you to the powerful creator in you.