Light in my Shadow

Raising Frequency – It’s not just about the drawing anymore. It’s about EVERYTHING.

Back in 2017, I learned how to raise my frequency through drawing. Using focus and attention I drew (and drew) – which – as I came to learn, put the breaks on my seriously damaging programs. And in its place, I installed a powerful new program:
I am a powerful creator.
I can create anything I choose.
As weird as it might sound, it worked – REALLY bloody well.

I completely redesigned myself. Not just a few mild tweaks, but a top-shelf complete overhaul and upgrade. I deleted really damaging long-term programs like suppressed trauma, lack of self-love, serious addiction, self-harm and PTSD.

And underneath all that shadowy, sticky low frequency shit, I found my true nature which brings up deep gratitude every single day. I found freedom. I found that heaven was indeed real – I activated it by shifting my state of consciousness. And I plugged into the biggest fucking high, so full of love that the average human does not have access to.
But as time went on I became more aware. I saw that everything affected my frequency. It either raised my frequency (my gamma brainwave state) further, or it suppressed it. It wasn’t just about the drawing anymore.
Everything you do affects your frequency. It either raises it, lowers it, or keeps it right where it is.


Your thoughts affect your frequency.

Negative thought patterns will lock you in low frequency. Earth culture just so happens to plant seeds that condition us with thoughts that bring about this outcome (surprise surprise).
Your emotions are a HUGE factor.
Whether your emotions are suppressed (like old me), or whether they are acknowledged, honoured and allowed to flow through you in a healthy manner, MATTERS BIG TIME.

FEAR is the biggest guy that locks us into low frequency, as well as its low-vibe buddies: worry, regret, shame, guilt, control, lack of self-love and anger (that is not directed towards creating positive change). Fear is also used by the system (often through the media) to keep us locked in low frequency.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, what raises frequency the most?

Love. Compassion. Gratitude.

Dr Daniel Goleman explains in this (super short) video how compassion raises gamma brainwaves (your frequency) up to 700-800% in almost an instant.

I’ve also experienced this many times during my mindful drawing sessions.

During my session, if I feel a wave of love, compassion or gratitude in my heart space, I write the timestamp on my hand. When I check my EEG after my session I see a massive gamma brainwave surge right at this timestamp.


When emotions are managed correctly, they are a master key for raising frequency.

What you put into your body also has a huge impact on your frequency.

Are you eating a diet that causes pain and suffering to other living beings? Are you fueling your body with poison, processed foods, pesticides and junk food? You’ll see it reflect on your frequency. It will lock you in low frequency (and take a few years off your life expectancy while you’re at it).
Dense food like starches and carbs, also hold my frequency down. I’ve tested this out so many times now it’s become fascinatingly crystal clear.

I’ve now shifted to eating lighter, and I can see (and feel) the effects. I’ve also stopped craving carbs and denser foods which was pretty weird because old me was a CARB QUEEN.
Not grounding enough also blocks me from raising frequency.
If I don’t take the time to ground down high frequencies and integrate it? I’m wired, talking my head off, my brain is buzzing and I literally get stuck on a rung of the frequency ladder.

High frequencies MUST be ground down on a regular basis or your nervous system cannot adapt.
And there is SO much more.

Actions such as who you hang out with, what conversations you have, what you read, what you watch, what your hobbies and how often you do them, losing balance with social media, not using boundaries, not being authentic – the list goes ON AND ON.

These actions are unique to you. If you’re on the path to raising frequency, you’ll soon get to know what actions raise your frequency, as well as what suppresses it.
It’s ALL YOU. You’re the one creating your frequency.
No one else.

This is why it becomes very bloody important to self-rule.

You’re the creator of your reality.
You create your heaven or your hell.
Higher thoughts…
Higher energies…
Higher frequencies…
Higher dimensions…
Higher experiences…

Artist credit: Endre Balough

At this point in my frequency raising journey, it’s become imperative for me to start a new website to talk about all these things. If I mash my frequency research into my mindful drawing website here, I’ll just confuse the hell outta everyone.

So without further ado, say hello to my new baby: freqrising
The art and science of raising frequency.
This is where everything I know about raising frequency will live, including my EEG progress graphs of me raising my own gamma brainwaves (my frequency).

I’ll teach you how to raise your frequency and explain what happens when you do. I’ll talk about what will potentially block you and how to smash those limiting programs.

There’s a BIG list of what raises frequency and what suppresses it. Soon it’ll be packed with high frequency recipes to play in your kitchen with. It will be home to practical tools for you to use on your journey.

The goal for freqrising is to be both a resource and a blueprint on raising frequency.
Get on the path to free yourself and all living beings from suffering.

Activate the expansion of consciousness and get high as a kite on Love, bliss and pure joy.

Learn to hold the new frequency and radiate it to everyone around you and WATCH YOUR WORLD CHANGE.

This is how we create the new earth and dissolve the darkness that we’re in the grip of. We BECOME LOVE.
On the surface those statements may sound like a new age hippy pipe dream – except it’s not. It’s real – because I did it. And I can show you how to do it too. Raising frequency is very real indeed.

Love is the frequency and frequency is the weapon. It’s the kind of pure love that most humans cannot even conceptualise yet.

Freqrising is dedicated to ALL of you who are interested in becoming Frequency Experts : Renegades of Frequency. You are your own hero, and together we’re creating new worlds that reflect this new frequency. Make no mistake, we’re the unstoppable fucken A Team. Seriously.

This lifetime is THE MOST exciting time to be alive. The old way, is on the way out, and we are witnessing the birth of the most exciting consciousness shift in the existence of humanity. A shift from suffering and darkness, into one of peace, love, compassion, truth and unity consciousness. ALL THOSE THINGS I endlessly bang on about, that automatically become activated when you raise your frequency.

It is the most beautiful, highest of highs which we so deserve. We have done it tough down here, and this darkness, is coming to an end.

Personally, I’m 1000% ALL IN. Bring it on.