Light in my Shadow

Mindful Drawing Group to Study Brain, Behavior and Frequency Changes

If you’re familiar with my work, you’ll know I’m Guinea Pig Numero Uno. I test out my frequency-raising mindful drawing experiments on myself.

The part that sucks is, I only started recording my brainwaves two and a half years into my practice, by which time I’d already pulled my gamma brainwaves – my frequency – way up – considerably higher than where it was, prior to my practice.

I don’t think this, I know it. I’m an entirely different person.

The results are visible both in my life and on my EEGs. So peering further afield into the ‘future’, I’d like to set up a mindful drawing group study to map the changes in fresh volunteers, from Day 1 – and over a year or two (probably longer).

Here's the (relatively loose) plan:

I get my feelers out and recruit a group of 10 volunteers, who will commit to one hour of mindful drawing practice each day, for a minimum of two years.

I’ll train the participants how to mindfully draw. Each person will also be taught how to record their brainwaves during their session.

They’ll be taught how to upload their EEG images into a ‘frequency journal’, along with a description of what they experienced during the session – including emotions such gratitude, joy, bliss, feelings of unity, any insights, distractions, memories, awareness of ‘multidimensionality’ etc. Exactly like I document in my own frequency journal.

Participants will also document the changes they observe in their own behaviour, as well as their evolving understanding of how to raise and lower their own frequency (this awareness expands over time).

They’ll essentially be documenting the process of becoming aware that they are responsible for creating their reality (and we’ll get to see it happen).

I want to take this further (because why not?)...

There’s a possibility I may put the call out to live with some of these people – in one big frequency-raising share house.

This would enable us to see a collective interact with each other, as well as the individuals raising frequency.

I’m looking to move out at some point in the future anyway. I already know I’ll be setting up a big share house – which I prefer to call something a bit more grown up…’conscious community’ perhaps?

So there's my mindful drawing study group plan: Me and a bunch of consciousness-expanding-committed housies, living in a big house.

I don’t care if my housemates are in their 20, 30s or 60s. I don’t care if they’re black, white, yellow, pink or orange. I don’t care if they’re able-bodied or not, it does not bother me if they’re tall, short, fat, skinny, cool, daggy (which happens to be the new cool), loud, quiet, gay, straight, a Mum, Dad or a grandma.
I don’t make any judgements based on your unique Earth vehicle.

I care about who you are inside.
My mindful drawing project is not just a little side project to me. It’s my entire life’s purpose. It’s everything to me.

As much as I’m a person who likes to tap into their inner child to create and play, first and foremost, I take this shit very seriously, and this house, will be based around this priority.

Here's what I envisage our intentional community would function like:

We each bring our unique passions and individual personalities to co-exist in our collective.

We cook communally in our big, bright kitchen. Our focus is on plant-based, wholefood, seasonal and bloody delicious food.

This is precise for a reason: One of the best ways to tap into play and creativity is in the kitchen. Also, your frequency is strongly influenced by what you eat.

We have a cranking permaculture garden we grow as many of our own herbs and veggies as we can.
We share food, we share chores and we share stories. We support each other, we look after each other when one is sick. We cry and we laugh. We hold space and we give space.

But it goes far deeper than this. This is a group of people committed to expanding consciousness.

We are dedicated to smashing limiting programs and creating new realities – we get excited by dreaming up vastly improved ways of living on Earth and testing them out on a small scale.
Mindful drawing group study
We learn how to be vulnerable, and we learn how to say sorry. We learn it’s okay to disagree, we use respect, understanding and we find common ground. We learn how not to judge and learn to always find the higher path.

And we screw up all the time. We know this is how we learn.

We observe our own behaviour and we transcend ego. We get to know our triggers, we peel back layers of our human selves, and gradually, over time, we heal, and we grow into a collective that symbiotically empowers each other.
We learn to 

We learn what actions raise and lower our frequency, and this is how we shape our behaviour.

We learn what blocks us and keeps us small, and we learn how to grow tall.

We develop self responsibility and integrity, because this is the ONLY WAY to keep raising our own frequency (and trust me, if I could do this anyone can).

And we do cool shit.

We have harvest nights in our beautiful garden, we have regular meditation groups, art groups, sound healing workshops, music nights, documentary nights, cacao ceremonies, energy healing and bonfires.

We get fierce for what we believe in.

We stand up for minorities, we build garden beds and herb pyramids, we invent things, we swap tips on the cutting edge of technology while we pickle saurkraut.

We art bomb grey walls that no one owns, we bake sourdough bread and give it to our neighbour.

We see that our actions have a ripple effect. We realise we can spread the frequency of love.

We fuel our creativity and we imagine solutions. We encourage each other to try them out. We learn how to consciously create our reality, how to empower ourselves and each other.

And we lose balance and realign 100 times a day. We know that this is how we learn.

The point of the experiment is to watch us change as we raise our frequency, individually, and as a collective.

Exactly how I changed – which I talk about in detail, in my benefits section.

And it probably makes sense to record the whole project.

If you know my own EEG research you’ll know I’m not interested in documenting “good times only”. I feel energetically nauseous by fake, airbrushed versions of life. So for better or for worse, it would be documented with honesty and integrity.

This is what experiments are. They are testing grounds.

This may sound like a vision of a utopic hippy dream.
Except it's not.

It’s a blueprint for a future world – where people co-exist and thrive together, at a higher frequency.

When people come together consciously with a desire to heal, learn, grow and DO THE HARD THING – like learn how to work through ego, communicate their feelings or say sorry – it’s not a dream at all. It’s full of potential.
It’s simply a reality rooted in consciousness expansion – which is unity consciousness, oneness, connection to source energy, compassion, FREEDOM, creativity and ability to self rule.

And you don’t have to ‘try’ and do it, when you raise your frequency, it just happens. It activates.

Stay tuned.