Light in my Shadow

Connect with Gratitude

When you connect with gratitude, you tap into one of the biggest highs you can experience, because being in a state of gratitude is as high-frequency as it gets. It’s pure love.
As a person who was a gigantic, dysfunctional addict, this is what I looked for everywhere. It’s free and it’s all around you – when you learn to see it.
I’m not shy to say it, I cry big fat salty tears of pure gratitude every week. It’s THAT GOOD.

Here’s a fun brainwave fact: Gratitude is one of two feelings that raises high-frequency gamma brainwaves on my EEGS like nothing else.

The only other feeling that can do that, is unconditional love – which – if you get down to the core of it, they come from the same place.

When you connect with gratitude it raises your frequency which expands your consciousness.

As your consciousness expands, it raises your gamma brainwaves, which raises your frequency, which this opens up more to be grateful for. And now you’re now stuck in a loop of high-frequency awesome.

The internet is full of highly regarded studies and articles that confirm gratitude is linked with loads of health benefits. It’s widely accepted that people who connect with gratitude generally have a greater level of happiness.
Mindful drawing works effectively to connect you with gratitude because it teaches you to press pause on your thoughts and programs – this rock solid ceiling NEVER has any gaps – unless you MAKE THEM.

And in these gaps, your true nature is able to trickle in. And your true nature IS the state of gratitude.

That’s all you have to do. Get the programs OFF that stop you from seeing it.
You begin to perceive things you could never see before. Because your perception is changing. Your consciousness is expanding.

You begin to notice the ‘little things’. The warm sun. A flower. Spring after winter. You’ll become grateful for the food on your plate. Gratitude pops in when you start to realise you have an opportunity to create your future.

You’ll begin to see it everywhere. You see it in the miracle of a cobweb and you’ll hear it in a bird song. You’ll see it in the magnificence of a bee. It’s in the clouds and in a cup of organic herbal tea. You’ll feel it in the silence. You feel it in your breath and in acts of compassion. It is everywhere in nature.
“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other, is as though everything is a miracle.”

~ Albert Einstein

Mindful drawing also helps you to clear the big guys that block your connection to gratitude.

Maybe it’s grief, or addiction, or trauma – like I had. Maybe it’s a breakup or just never ending weight of depression or anxiety. When these guys lift you cannot help but connect to gratitude. It felt like a damn celebration. It’s bliss. Not a day goes by that I forget how grateful I am.

Is it easy to rewire your brain to automatically connect with gratitude? Sometimes yes. Often no. It is worth it? Absolutely. It’s worth it more than anything in the world. When you press pause on your thoughts and programs, the inner voice that knows how to do EVERYTHING can finally be heard.

I can teach you the way I learnt, through the vehicle of mindful drawing.

Clearing out your shadows to uncover and connect with gratitude is not a job for the mind, it's a job for the soul. Your job - is to quiet the mind enough to hear it.

Even when painful things happen in life, gratitude doesn’t leave. You may have to deal with a divorce, the loss of a home, the death of a loved one, the loss of job or a limb. Maybe you get a terminal diagnosis.

When the emotions of these challenging situations settle, the BASE state of gratitude is still there. You can connect to gratitude MORE because you have seen the dark. You do not take anything for granted.
I can feel my heart heavy with grief and feel profound gratitude for life at the same time.
Pain and suffering stretches your capacity to feel in both directions. Your emotional parameters grow BIGGER. Gratitude becomes deeper and more sacred.

Whether you’re stuck at rock bottom or whether you just feel like something’s missing in life, I invite you to start mindful drawing. I’ll guide you through it. I’ll teach you how to connect with the principles I teach.

There is no such things as too broken. It's never too late. 

If you are stuck in darkness and pain – like I was – the depth of this suffering can propel you into gratitude much faster, just like an elastic band effect. When the suffering is removed, the gratitude becomes profound. It’s waiting for you. Create the actions to access it, and it is yours.

You deserve to feel one of the most beautiful gifts you can experience while living on Earth: feeling of deep love, oneness and gratitude. I know this is what people search for. This was the thing I looked for since I was a little girl – when I finally found it past 40, I recognised it.

To connect with gratitude is one of the most delicious, blissful feelings I have ever encountered in my life. And it’s right there. You just gotta peel off all those layers that block you from connecting with it.
Connect with gratitude