Light in my Shadow

Manage Empathy and Compassion

Until you learn to manage empathy and compassion, it can hurt like hell because you feel more.
This is hard because the world we live in is rife with suffering. But once you learn how to manage it, it becomes an enormous gift.

It’s no accident there are increasing numbers of highly sensitive people and empaths incarnating on Earth.

We are here because we the ones who are driven to create change.

No one cares to create a better world if suffering doesn’t affect them. I wouldn’t be creating this website if I wasn’t empathetic to the suffering of others. I’d be focused on ONLY ME, instead of service to others.
Being unable to manage empathy and compassion is a reason many people (like old me) become addicts. It’s also a common cause of sadness and depression.
I only learnt how to manage empathy and compassion after I began mindful drawing.

Before then, avoidance was how I dealt with emotional triggers. I am highly sensitive, and I can feel fear and suffering – in animals in particular.

And this can be excruciatingly hard. I didn’t know what to do with it, so I swept it into my subconscious vault and I tried to keep the door closed with distraction and heavy addiction.

Eventually this created a catastrophic mess, because avoiding feelings simply doesn’t work. Repression creates a ticking time bomb.

How mindful drawing can teach you to manage empathy and compassion.

Mindful drawing clears out old programs by stopping your thoughts and programs from running, and it plants tiny feel-good seeds. With consistent practice, these seeds will grow.
On a brainwave level, what you’re doing is raising your high-frequency gamma brainwaves. With consistent practice your baseline rises and you change.
One trait of a high gamma brainwave state is compassion. So if you didn’t have it before, when you raise your vibration, compassion will become a part of your being.

Through self-awareness, you’ll gradually learn not to immerse yourself into triggering information any more than is necessary. You will become very conscious of your energy, and you’ll begin to learn what lowers your frequency, and what raises it.

If you focus on too much low-frequency information, you’ll feel yourself tipping out of balance.
You will also become aware of what you cannot control. But if you CAN change something? Absolutely do it.
Use your voice. Use your social media. Go to protests. Pay close attention to what your dollar buys, including industries that support animal cruelty and damage to our earth.

Volunteer at a homeless or animal shelter. Give someone a smile who needs it. Give someone your time.
You also learn to use boundaries wisely. This is your force field. Switch the news off. Don’t watch that documentary on factory farming if you’re already doing your bit. Say “no” when you need to.

We do not put our head in the sand, but first and foremost, we protect our energy. If we do not protect our energy we become powerless.

You learn to become vigilant with keeping your own vibration high. This is one of the most important things to help sensitive people manage empathy and compassion.

You learn how to top yourself up with source energy and high-vibration activities when you feel your vibration dropping. When you’re in low-vibration it feels like sadness, depression, futility or directionless anger.

Top up your own energy as a matter of utmost importance.

Spend time in nature. Recharge. Ground with your bare feet on Mother Earth, soak up her energy. Meditate, mindfully draw. Eat good foods, engage in high vibration activities, conversation and spend time with positive people.

Do not engage in low vibration activities. Switch devices off for a break.

Something huge has changed in the way I now manage empathy and compassion.

I still feel the wave of strong emotion when I see suffering. It makes me sad and angry because us humans are creating it. But this wave only lasts a minute.

Now I’ve got this automatic switch I’m very grateful for. It doesn’t depress me – because I do not allow it to stay.

But what it does is it instantly transmutes into the opposite form. It ignites a red hot fire inside me to play my part to make change. It fuels me to DO THE WORK.
I know speaking up against injustice, or creating my mindful drawing website won’t make a difference today. And that’s okay – we don’t eat the fruit the day we plant the seeds. But it will help prevent suffering in years and decades to come.
Cure is great – that is, to stop the suffering NOW – but prevention is better – because then these injustices do not get to exist in the first place.

And we're doing it.

Very gradually humanity is becoming more mindful of using our dollar to support ethical choices for humans, animals and our planet. It’s shifting like NO GENERATION before.

We’ve got a long way to go, but we are absolutely on the path.
manage empathy and compassion
When we remedy the suffering that our Earth system is built upon, we will remedy our mental health, addiction and suicide plight – because they are intrinsically linked.

With consistent practice, mindful drawing (as well as many meditation practices) will help you to manage empathy and compassion. Celebrate your gifts. Know there is a very important reason you’re here on Earth.

But do not let your gifts disable you. Transmute it into a source of fuel for change. You are a sensitive, kind, compassionate, empathetic and fierce warrior. You are a system-buster.

We are the ones that will create a new way of living here on Earth.

manage empathy and compassion