Light in my Shadow

Become Conscious of What You Consume (it’s not just about food…)

Being conscious of what you consume is not just about food you put in your mouth – it means everything you engage with.
This means what you watch, what you read, who you hang out with, what conversations you have, what you put in your body like booze, drugs or medication. It means what you do with your time – gambling, gaming, gossiping, hunting – and it’s the thoughts you allow yourself to think.
Everything you do, has an effect on you – it either lowers your vibration or it raises it. When you’re committed to expanding your consciousness, raising your vibration is desirable, lowering it is not.
My whole website here, is about expanding your consciousness, busting through limiting programs and generally rocking your best shit, in the most supercharged, high frequency way possible.

What you engage with, will either assist you in this goal, or it will hold you back.

Before we become connected with our own self-awareness, most of us are oblivious to the effect our actions have on us.

Sure it’s easy to clue onto the more obvious things – like you can’t eat a whole chocolate cake every day (unless you’re down for paying a hefty health price), but it’s the more subtle actions that we often don’t realise, also have an effect.
After you get connected with self-awareness – which happens when you’re diving deep into your inner work – you become hyper-vigilant of the effect that everything has on you. You feel it. You become aware. And gradually, you become more conscious of what you consume.

I'm fierce with this shit these days because it's a massive big deal.

I know where I want to go, and I know how to get there. I literally feel like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings (but wizard-girl version) swinging my heavy silver sword to those low-vibration activities booming (in your I mean business voice), “THOU SHALT NOT PASS”. Boundaries are your weapon here. They’re your invisible YES OR NO.
conscious of what you consume
Because by now, you realise you’re protecting something awesome and precious – You – which means your energy. You begin wielding your boundaries at anything that threatens to suck your high vibration away. Stay back mofo. You get fierce.

Before awareness, I wasn't conscious of what I consumed. Like at all.

I did things because they made me felt good, or they masked my pain – I functioned from pure survival mode.

For decades, I drank large amounts of alcohol to get drunk as fast as I could. I smoked bongs every day since I was 15. I’m a little mortified to think how much drugs I put into my body. Junk food was my primary food group. I gambled a lot, I partied a lot, I slept with a lot of people because, well I um…was looking for my soul mate in ALL the wrong places. That, and booze.
But the deeper you dive into inner-work, the more you become conscious of your own energy field. This means you become more conscious of what you consume. It takes a while and it happens ever-so-slowly – but it absolutely happens.
You realise watching violent movies and observing fear, suffering etc, makes you feel like crap (it lowers your vibration), or plugging into too much news brings up fear which makes you feel low.
Maybe binging on cake and chocolate for three days, or getting drunk too many times that week makes you feel awful. Perhaps it’s using drugs and gaming all weekend, or hanging out with people who do nothing but judge others and gossip.
Soon you being to notice it just makes you feel yukky – and you’ll soon realise that what it’s doing, is affecting your energy. You’ll feel that you’re lowering your frequency by what you engage with. And you’re spot on. You are.

And you begin to become more conscious of what you consume.

You begin to see you have choices. Sooner or later you’ll begin to do less of those low vibration actions, because you’re catching on that you are responsible for your energy field. Through your choices, you are creating it.
There’s no right and wrong for each person – different things that affects individual people differently. It’s up to YOU to define what raises your vibration, and what lowers it. It’s a free will planet, it’s your choice. You create the actions AND the consequences of your choices.
You’ll start asking yourself questions like, “Is this thing controlling me? Can I stop if you want? How does this thing make me feel by doing it? Is it harming myself or anyone/anything else? What are the ripple effects? Am I doing this thing to avoid my feelings?” These are the questions that a self-aware person asks themselves to make a decision.
And as you want to expand your consciousness further and further (because it’s so damn good), you make choices all on your own – choices that align with creating that version of you that you wish to be.

After I began mindful drawing, I noticed I ever-so-gradually I became more conscious of what I consumed.

This benefit becomes activated in combination with other benefits – like beginning to really love yourself and slowly stopping self-sabotage. Increasing self awareness plays a huge part, as does reflection for when you do engage in vibration-lowering behaviour and feel like crap. You GET IT faster. Willpower and impulse control slowly become stronger, and boundaries begin to play a huge part.
In the beginning it was really slow progress – often two steps forward one step back, but the point is, my slow-ass, snail pace still got there. And with determination, so will you.
You set your own parameters because you alone are responsible for your energy. This is how we self-rule – we learn to understand that our choices, create our reality. And we take this responsibility very seriously indeed.

Playing with energy, is literally playing with magic. We can sculpt lives and worlds with it. What are you going to create with yours? You deserve blissful, top-shelf my friend.

This is YOUR GAME. How do you want to play? Create it.