Light in my Shadow

Increase Your Willpower with Mindful Drawing

When you begin to increase your willpower, think of it as tiny little seed. Just like all seeds, it WILL grow bigger if you put in the work and nurture it.

My willpower used to be a sorry state of affairs. It was completely non existent. Now that I’ve created it, I use it often.
I know if I want results out of anything, I need to create it, and creating it comes down to using willpower to MAKE IT HAPPEN.
I use willpower for little things – like making my bed every day, or washing my dishes before I go to bed at night. Order in my surrounds affects the order of my mind. It sets my day off on the wrong foot if I let these things go.

I also use willpower for the BIGGER things – like whipping my lazy butt into gear and meditating.

Or getting out to walk in the morning, because it grounds me. I need a SHIT TON of grounding or I get wired high from unintergrated energy. It’s not particularly productive or fun.

I’m not a rigid militant mofo all the time though. If I want a day off from writing or meditating I’ll take it. Sometimes I stuff my face with the BEST vegan chocolate brownies from the cafe down the street. I’ll even drink beers on a few occasions a year – it’s all about balance.

I’ve learned to recognise when it’s not working for me.

When you increase your willpower, it enables you to create different outcomes. It enables you to create your life.

I’m vigilant about this, because it’s serious shit.
I have to stay on top of my self-care practices, because I’ve learnt the hard way what happens when I slack off. I’ll lower my frequency and this means booking a slow ticket back to hell.
If I don’t use willpower for my self-care practices, old programs ever-so-gradually, become reactivated. First, probably within a few weeks, self-doubt creeps in, then low mood comes to stay.

It becomes harder out get out of bed, and a bleak feeling seeps in at the sucky plight of the world, because I’ve lost sight of the big picture. I become too plugged into the micro details.

Because I’m highly sensitive, my emotions can get out whack if I don’t manage them correctly.

Old addictions might nudge me, whispering that they can help me MASK those pesky feelings.

My heart with get heavy with grief missing my boy Loki and my Dad. Slowly, old cobwebs of remorse will form, because I created a lot of pain in my life because of my addictions. I’ll very likely begin to feel isolated and lonely, because I’ll begin separate from unity consciousness.

If I do not remain vigilant, the magic of what I can tap into now, will gradually fade.
If I let all that slide through lack of willpower?
Hello Darkness my old Friend.
I’m not taking chances. I really like not living in hell, and it’s bloody nice having all my mental health symptoms deactivated instead of tormenting me. It feels really good having a clear conscience, clear mind and clear energy.

I love creating my reality and expanding my consciousness, and I love being connected this PURE LOVE I looked for my my whole life.

To keep my high frequency and to keep all the things I LOVE, I need willpower.
To create the fuel for willpower, ask yourself:

What’s the goal? What do I want to create in my life? Are there consequences if I don’t do it? What will it cost me?
increase your willpower
So these days I regularly mindfully draw. I meditate and eat plant-based, wholefoods with occasional treats. I’ll move my butt and get out for walks, even when I don’t feel like it. It always feels good when I do it. I ground and spend time in nature, and I rest when I need to. I’ll make time to read books that expand my consciousness. I do whatever I need to do to keep expanding.
And I love it. It nourishes me inside and out.
I still lose balance all the time – especially with doing TOO MUCH, being busy, forgetting to ground as much as I should at EATING ALL THE CARBS – but I realign FAST.

I will never be controlled through my own lack of will ever again.

These days I don’t need to use willpower with things like drugs, gambling, or drinking booze because these things – which were heavy addictions for over 20 years – are no longer even a temptation – they are disgusting to me.

They controlled me and destroyed my life – and I allowed them do it – because I had no willpower.

The reason why some of us have serious problems with willpower, is likely different for everyone.

If you have a problem with willpower, like I did, it’s interesting to look back and seeing where it stems from.

For me, I had no willpower because I was born into a highly controlling religious sect. When I got out at 15, I and swung like a pendulum into NO control. None.

What I didn’t understand at the time – and what damaged me greatly – was I had no awareness of the importance of self control. It took me decades to realise why I had no self discipline and willpower. I never exercised it. No willpower coupled with serious trauma is a ticket to addiction-hell.
People with less willpower in their early years are more likely to develop problems in later life – including addiction, failed relationships and are more likely to have a criminal record (I check all three…).
Learning to increase your willpower can absolutely mean the difference between a happy and healthy future or suffering and hell.

Using willpower is hardest at the start.

Through repetition, it gradually becomes easier and it will become a new program installed into your subconscious.

Mindful drawing is how I learnt to use my willpower. It’s simply the vehicle that can teach you self awareness and consciousness expansion. It’ll teach you that you can create yourself, and by doing so, create your reality. I can teach you this method here.
The more you use it, the more empowered you’ll be, because you’ll seeing that YOU ARE CREATING YOURSELF. From nothing but determination.

So whether you do it in one giant leap, or – like me – in tiny baby steps – sometimes forwards sometimes back – learning to increase your willpower always comes if you have determination.

Keep getting back on the horse. Keep observing, keep realigning. Focus on WHY you want to do what you’re trying to do – turn it into fuel, and TRY AGAIN.

Learning to increase willpower is a process, and processes take time. Use bucket loads of patience and compassion for yourself. Cultivate strong boundaries and put up walls between you and EVERYTHING that distracts you off your path. Boundaries are your force field.

Put one foot in front of the other. One step at a time. It’s all about direction. Not the speed.

“Strength does not come from physical capacity.
It comes from an indomitable will.”

Mahatma Gandhi