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Connect with Unity Consciousness and Oneness – The Key to Heaven on Earth

Unity consciousness is one of my all time favourite subjects. It holds the potential to shift Earth from the troubled planet we know it as, to heaven on Earth. This benefit is huge.
It’s also a benefit that’s a bit hard to describe, because I’m attempting to explain something outside the mainstream version of reality.
When you expand your state of consciousness to function from a higher frequency, unity consciousness and oneness becomes your primary state of existence.

You are plugged right into life and you’re connected to ALL OF IT. It is the purest, most beautiful high of which there is no comparison (and believe me I’ve looked).

Image credit: DreamyMoons

There are many ways to access unity consciousness. Mindful drawing was my vehicle to get there.
Doodling on the back of your notebook once a week isn’t going to permanently raise your frequency and activate unity consciousness. It’s the gradual changes that the disciplined and consistent practice of mindful drawing creates within your brain and consciousness, that brings about this altered trait.
The specific way I teach mindful drawing raises your frequency by raising your gamma brainwaves. This is what expands your consciousness. And you begin to change.

One benefit of a high gamma brainwave state, is the activation of unity consciousness and oneness.

Unity consciousness isn’t some utopian fantasy – it’s real. A search on the internet will show you this isn’t new information. Many long-term meditators have activated unity consciousness.

I’ve activated unity consciousness – but I’m not a long-term meditator – I’m just a girl who knows how to raise my gamma brainwaves, who happened to closely observe the ‘veil of separation’ dissolve among a heap of other powerful benefits. what’s this ‘veil of separation’?

The concept of ‘separation’ is what we are taught in our society. For the majority of humans this current state of consciousness is our ‘reality’.

Separation is US and THEM. It’s the belief that God/Prime Creator/Buddha/Allah/Source/All that Is – whatever you prefer to call it – is outside of you. That it is separate from you.

Separation is where you see life with your eyes, but you are not connected to it with your soul.

The concept of separation is an illusion – it is not real. How do I know? Because I (and many others) have pierced through this illusion to experience the truth, and from this vantage point you begin to see separation for the program it is.
It’s a program that doesn’t serve us ONE BIT by the way – it’s the source of a whole heap of serious problems on Earth.
If you’re struggling here that’s okay – it’s hard for the mind to comprehend anything beyond what we currently understand as ‘reality’. There is no concept to compare it to, and the logical ‘left-brain’ tries very hard to discard something that it cannot explain or rationalise. That’s entirely normal.
But we don’t get anywhere worth going as a species if we rely solely on logic.

Logic hates the unknown. Yet the ‘unknown’, is where the full potential of humanity exists. As I often mention, the best way to find out your own truth, is not to believe what I’m saying, but to have your own direct experience, and find out for yourself.

unity consciousness
People often experience the dissolving of the veil of separation through the responsible use of plant medicines and psychedelics. These tools can offer an experience of unity consciousness and ONENESS, which for many becomes a life-altering, profound and ‘mystical’ experience.
But when the psychedelic wears off, the program of separation often reforms because the level of consciousness has not been permanently altered – but at least you glimpsed it. At least now you know it’s there.
When the program of separation is dissolved, there is NO ‘us’ and ‘them’. You are one with all things. When you look at the ocean, a plant or a tree, you no longer just see it with your eyes. You are connected to it with your soul. You ARE that which you see.

Unity consciousness – or oneness with all living things - is the thing I searched for everywhere and could not find.

It’s the thing I didn’t even know I was searching for, but when you raise your frequency and activate it, you recognise it in the deepest levels of your existence.
It is the purest high and the biggest love. It’s the source of life itself reflected in everything. It triggers waves of deep gratitude which in turn raises your gamma brainwaves higher, expanding your consciousness further.

I go to my local park as often as I can to stand barefoot on the Earth, and to connect with the majestic life force of a big tree. It takes a few minutes for the brain to entrain and ‘plug in’, but then I become one with the tree. There is no separation where the tree ends and I begin. We are connected with the same energy.
I often go to the beach and I stand ankle deep in the water, looking out to the horizon. I’m plugged into the vast sky, feeling the energy of the Earth beneath my feet and we merge in some energetic way I cannot explain.
Often I’ll look around as I’m blissing out high on LOVE, and as usual it’s only me doing this. I’m always amazed, and I wonder, “HOW CAN NO ONE ELSE BE DOING THIS?” “IT’S RIGHT HERE!” And I always get the same answer: Because they can’t see it. They can’t feel it because it’s a reality most people do not exist in. (Yet.)

We are taught that unity consciousness does not exist. We are imprinted with a belief that we are separate.

And this leaves A VOID. It leaves a weird feeling that something is missing inside. The biggest factor of all that keeps us disconnected from unity consciousness is that we are kept in low frequency through fear, suffering, illness, addiction and sadness. And this BLOCKS us from raising our frequency and accessing unity consciousness.
Being able to experience unity consciousness moves me like nothing else. My deepest desire is that one day other people will experience unity consciousness for themselves.
I know how people hurt – I can feel it. I know this ‘oneness with all things’ eases suffering like nothing else can. It is the greatest peace for loss and grief because you are connected again with the energy of a loved one who has passed. You know they are still right here – in this source of all energy.

How Unity Consciousness can make a huge different to life on Earth.

When you feel connected to every person, you treat them differently. You are THEM. No one makes you do anything different. You just ARE DIFFERENT. When you step into a higher level of consciousness, you begin exhibiting a different set behaviours. Racism stops because THERE IS NO ‘THEY’. They are not separate to you – YOU ARE ONE. Bullying stops and violence stops because YOU ARE THEM.
You stop taking life just because you can – even the bug on the ground you might have squashed because, ‘so what? it’s really tiny’ – IT STOPS. You may very well stop eating meat – remember, NO ONE MAKES YOU, YOU CHOOSE TO. And your compassionate choices become your great joys.
Harming Mother Earth stops
because SHE IS YOU.
Your purchasing and consuming habits change, because you become conscious of the ripple effect of harm to others. Loneliness ends because you are connected to the source of all life. You are connected to the drug addict down the street because THEY ARE ANOTHER YOU. You have empathy for the person in prison, because no matter how ‘bad’ they are, the light of creation still exists inside of them. They are a part of the same source of all life.

I am very aware that this ‘void’ is what many addicts are seeking to fill. I was this addict. Being single is just fine because you are in a constant state of BEING IN LOVE. YOU ARE LOVE. Whatever you are looking for ‘out there’, is now in you.
Searching for God stops because you realise it is already within you. You ARE it. THERE IS NO SEPARATION.
We are each a single drop that comes from the same ocean. Just like a fractal, no matter how many times you divide it, the whole entire fractal can be found in each of its parts. The whole and the parts are inseparable. They are ONE. And it’s not here or there, or just in SOME things – it is EVERYWHERE. It’s the unified field from which everything is a part of.
You are ALL OF IT.
You always were and always will be.
Raising your vibration and activating unity consciousness dissolves the illusions that ‘it’ is outside of you, and it leaves you with the most beautiful truth you can imagine. WE ARE ONE.
This is the biggest benefit, but it’s also the one that sounds the most out there….so I hope I pique your curiosity to put in the consistent work to raise your frequency and activate unity consciousness for yourself. Get in there and GET IT. This is your game – create the actions that dissolve the bullshit programs that block you from it. My entire website exists to show you how.
Unity consciousness is the big golden key to creating heaven on Earth. When you raise your frequency WE CHANGE. Heaven on Earth isn’t a dream – it’s a reality that collectively WE CREATE.
Do you want to know the MOST exciting part? This consciousness shift is coming.