Light in my Shadow

Activate Self-Awareness and Insight (Level-Up with Another Superpower)

When you activate self-awareness and insight, you’ve got your hands on one of the most powerful benefits in the whole goodie bag. In fact, you won’t get far fixing your shit and creating your powerful new reality, without it.
When you activate self-awareness you’re no longer are stuck IN the program with no awareness that it’s even running. Now you can observe it.
When you can observe the program running instead of being inseparable from it – this is a massive shift.

Because now you can change it.
By “it”, I mean your thought and beliefs, your habits, your actions and your responses. This is how you create different outcomes. This how you create new realities.

Your programs run from your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind exists outside the reaches of your conscious awareness – you don’t even know it’s there. Yet these program manifest outwardly in your life – through your thoughts, actions and behaviours. Your subconscious programs run your entire life’s show.
If you have dysfunctional programs running, it’ll manifest in your life as ‘bad’ things happening in your life. This ‘unconscious creation’ is self-sabotaging and it hurts you, as well as others around you.

If your subconscious programs aren't that bad, then they're often limiting.

Limits come from the mind. We are programmed with them via the systems we see in place on earth today. They are taught to us in our schools and passed down through parenting patterns. It’s woven into religion, science, governments, medicine, media and economics.
These institutions teach us ‘HOW IT IS‘ to fit the narrative of what they would like us to believe.
And our programs and beliefs create our reality.
My subconscious programs weren’t the mild variety – they were horrendously bad (hence my fascination with them…).
I had deep programs rooted in lack of self-love and trauma (quite common). My programs manifested in my life as serious addiction, broken relationships, debt collectors and losing everything I cared about.

You have no idea that your programs are even there, or why you're such a mess - until you activate self-awareness.

You don’t have any clue why it’s happening, you just appear like a dysfunctional hot mess who’s overly sensitive, can’t manage their emotions, finances, mental or physical health, responsibilities or their life.
When you begin to mindfully draw – as with any meditative practice – you put the brakes on your thoughts and programs.

For the first time EVER they stop running. When you practice consistently, you’ll begin to step into ‘observer mode’.
You’ll observe the theme of your thoughts (light/dark, pessimistic/optimistic). You’ll notice their flavour – maybe it’s worry, regret, anger, jealousy, fear, insecurity, sadness. Maybe they’re ‘less than’ narratives, like “I can’t” or “I’m not good enough, or smart enough” or “I’ll fail” or people will laugh at me – which are all very common, (and bloody un-fun) programs.

When you activate self-awareness, now you can see it instead of just BE it.

This is where the good stuff starts. You’ll begin to see the way your programs work.
Just because you can observe them doesn’t mean that they go away – they don’t. Changing your habit/programs is a whole ‘nother area. But it starts right here – by becoming aware of the program running and observing how you tick.
This is where you get to make some small tweaks or complete upgrades. These changes can take time, but if you put in the work and be patient and persistent, you WILL see progress.
I still worry about things. Now however I find it interesting watching the program run – knowing I am separate from the program.
I know it’s not REAL. It’s made up by my mind.“I can see what you’re doing there fear”, “haha nice try!”, I say. And I move through it. Is it easy? Often it isn’t, but it get easier the more you do it.

But when you activate self-awareness and understand that THIS IS HOW THE PROGRAM RUNS, you're more powerful that it is.

It’s nothing but a made up program that appears real. And it begins to lose it’s power.
When it comes to the big stuff – like my addictions, when I activated self-awareness, I could observe myself being triggered but for a while I’d still relapse. I have relapsed with booze, drugs and gambling over a hundred times. It was a brutally strong program for me.

Even though I was self-aware at this point I was still carrying out the program of addiction.

Self-awareness wasn’t enough because these long-term behaviours were so damn hardwired into my neural pathways. They were a very strong part of my ‘habit brain’.
But relapsing, or losing balance doesn’t have to be ALL bad. Not if you use it to teach you. Often it’s not realistic for a strong habit/program that has been ingrained in your life for years, just to vanish. It’s not impossible either, but more often, it’s a process.

Be kind to yourself during this process.
Every time I lost balance, I went through a process where self-awareness was key. Every time I’d get back on the horse, a tiny bit more determined and wiser every time.

When you activate self-awareness you also get pretty damn good at problem-solving.

If you have a problem on your plate, you step outside of it and view it from a different perspective instead of being saturated it in. You become a creative, program-solving machine.
Before self-awareness, shit happens because this is life. You’re responsible for it, but it’s also damn hard to change because you have no idea how to fix your shit – BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO AWARENESS YET.
When you activate self-awareness you know what’s going on. You can see. Now you become the conscious creator and you have full responsibility to create your reality BECAUSE NOW YOU ARE AWARE.
activate self-awareness
Know Thyself

These days my level of self-awareness is deep because I'm creating it.

I don’t think it’s ever at full-capacity. I believe as we expand, so does our capacity for ever-expanding levels of self-awareness. And I love it. I’m fully committed to going as deep as I can.
The level of self-awareness you have, is intrinsically tied into how powerful a creator you can be in your world.
You are not your thoughts, habits or programs. Observe them. Bring the hidden stuff out from the shadows of the subconscious mind, into the light of awareness – into the conscious mind. Now you can play with them. Mould it into what you would prefer.

A massive chunk of your limitless power is hidden in this one benefit. This is how you change the program and create your reality.