Light in my Shadow

Throat Chakra – Ink – 42cm x 29.7cm

I drew this symbol of the Throat Chakra in 2018 – back when I couldn’t speak my truth.
I didn’t know what my truth was.
I had no self-confidence to speak bravely. I’m still working on it every day, but compared to where I was I’ve come a hell of a long way.

I wasn’t allowed to speak my truth growing up, because the doctrine of the religion I was raised in didn’t permit it.

My truth, was a natural understanding and HUGE curiosity for energy, spirits, past lives, ‘paranormal’ abilities, mysteries, magic, multidimensional beings, plant medicines and healing power. But it never came out of my mouth.

I was told these were the realms of Gods, devils and witches. It wasn’t for humans. It had no place in the sect I grew up in, because like most religions, they don’t allow people to have access to their true power. They never have.

Those who tried to live this way in our history had their books and their bodies burned.

No wonder many of us lost the ability to use our voice. No wonder many of us carry imprints from childhood – or lifetimes before – that still block us from speaking now.
This is the lifetime where we must remember
how to speak our truth.
I will not be remembered as a woman who stayed quiet.
I will not be remembered as a woman who held her tongue.
Not this time. I would rather die than not speak my truth.

So I commit to doing the hard thing, and practice being brave enough to speak my truth, every fucking day. I have a LONG way to go, but I am determined to get there.
Drawing this Sanskrit interpretation of the throat chakra was awesome therapy for me.

It took me around 30 hours to mindfully draw. I had meditation music on the whole 30 hours, and through deep intention, I began dropping layers of programs ever so gradually and this is when I began unlocking my voice.

The colour of the throat chakra is vibrant blue. In the centre is a lotus flower, with 10 petals and a triangle pointing down. This triangle channels energy from above, down through me, assisting me with my intention to speak my truth.

Sometimes during deep meditations where I intentionally request an upgrade of my abilities, I can see (in my mind’s eye) padlocks breaking off from around my throat area, freeing my voice just a little bit more.

If you had strong programs (like I did), over time these ‘padlocks’ can reform, and the energetic cobwebs that obscures your voice and your truth, can also reform. This means the program is still active. This is why I’m vigilant about clearing my energy centres on a regular basis.

Get that shit off with your intention, because you are the boss of your energy field. No one else will do it. It’s your job.
I practice using my voice for my biggest driving force: Freedom from suffering.

Because the Earth needs us. The animals need us. Humanity needs us, and WE need us.
The level of programming that create suffering on Earth is in-fucking-furiating. I have good fuel. I’ll practice speaking my truth for the rest of my days on Earth.

May we all learn to speak our truth – even if our voice shakes. Because that fear? It’s not even real. It’s False Evidence Appearing Real. It’s an illusion. It’s just another bullshit program.
Feel the fear. And do it anyway.