Light in my Shadow

“Divine Feminine Energy” – Ink and Paint – 42cm x 29.7cm

Here’s another weird, abstract, self portrait of new me. Fizzy, sparkly silhouette style….

I wanted to capture energy with this picture – because it’s a bloody awesome feeling to be able to perceive it. I plug in every time I sit my bum down on a cushion and meditate (some times more powerfully than others). I plug in when I mindfully draw, and I crank the voltage right up when I’m outside, plugged into nature.
Nature’s like ONE BIG amplifier of source energy. If you’ve still got your ‘veil of separation’ in place, it just looks like trees and grass, or birds, or it just feels like the wind or the rain.

But that’s not all it is. Not even close.
Here I drew symbols of what I feel most connected to. Music, because it’s magic for my soul. I’m deeply connected to plants, with their little baby roots trying to grow bigger. They give us fruit and shade, and stretch out their branches to become homes for birds.
I’m connected to Love. I’m always in Love these days. With everything – even the bully Noisy Myna birds at my local park who try and attack other bird’s babies.

I tried not liking them, but I can’t help it. I can see beyond their bully-bird programs, and I love them too.
I’m connected to my tears – mostly of gratitude these days, sometimes grief. Sometimes sadness. But I’m good friends with my emotions these days, I don’t lock them in the vault anymore. I honor them. And I’m connected to sound of Om…. the resonance of the whole universe.

I’m connected to yin/yang, light/dark, black/white, water/fire, kind/fierce, up/down – the polarities of which I’m always striving to realign, with neutrality and balance smack bang in the middle.

I’m deeply connected to soul sight, my intuition and I’m connected to the sun, the moon and the stars.

Just writing this now, I realise I forgot one. My little friends, the animals. But that’s okay, doesn’t mean I love them any less cause I forgot to draw them. Plus I’m really shit at drawing animals!

All these things bring me the biggest joy in the world. Because they are representations and reflections of me. We are one. Different fractals of the same source.

It can be hard to understand unity consciousness until you experience it, because there’s no frame of reference – nothing to compare it to. It might help to read my post on dissolving the veil of separation to get a better idea of what I’m talking about.
How awesome is it that ALL the best things on Earth really are free?

They are there for everyone, no matter where on Earth you are. It saddens me that most people can’t perceive this source of Love because of the veil of separation…actually it makes me bloody furious, but it’s cool cause I use this as fuel to do my work 😉

How weird is it that when you’re in the program, you don’t even know you’re in the program, BECAUSE YOU’RE IN THE F*CKING PROGRAM?

‘Reality’…really is a mind bender. On that note…Head on over to my mindful drawing tutorial section if you’re keen to rip that curtain down, dissolve the bullshit and discover what reality is all about. Underneath those programs is the biggest source of gratitude, Love and joy that there is.

Get those programs OFF. PS I love you.