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Improve Your Immune System with Mindful Drawing

Something really cool happens when you activate the benefits of mindful drawing. Together they team up and combine into a layered power pack, that all work together to improve your immune system.

I’ll start with the most obvious one:

You improve your immune system when you start looking after yourself better.

When you consistently practice mindful drawing – or any other meditative practice – you’ll begin to observe your own behaviour.

Gradually you’ll begin to improve your overall self-care. You’ll do less of what’s bad for you, and more of what’s good for you. This may start as a slow process – sometimes one step forward and two steps back (or sometimes a gigantic slide back if you’re like old-me, but nonetheless, I still got there).

You’ll also learn to manage stress and sleep better. All of which help to improve your immune system.

There is a wealth of information on the internet which suggests there’s a relationship between stronger immunity and less stress. As always, please dive in and do your own research.

Chronic stress inhibits the immune system and eventually, it will run you down. The same goes for poor quality sleep.
When you regularly engage in something that brings you joy, you raise your vitality. Your vitality is literally your LIFE FORCE, which helps to improve your immune system.
Low life force can swing open the door to becoming susceptible to illness. Your life force is literally your energetic fortress. It keeps you healthy in body, mind and spirit.

Other benefits which contribute to helping improve your immune system are tapping into gratitude, and living life with optimism rather than pessimism. A positive mental state means a healthier mind and body.

Now I'm not saying you won't get sick. If that happens, you do what is within your control to get well.

What I am saying, if you do the work to improve your immune system, there’s every chance you’ll get sick less. And if you do get sick, chances are the severity will be decreased and recovery will be faster.

I never used to care about myself enough to look after myself. But these days I’m very conscious of what I put into my body, because I now have this really nice thing called self-love.

I don’t eat meat (I haven’t for almost 20 years), and in the last few years I’ve graduated to completely plant-based. I actually chose this path for the animals, but the health (as I’ve learned) is a bonus. It’s been many years since I’ve been sick, and even then, it was just a mild cold.

I eat wholefoods and organic where I can - I just do not want poisoned food in my body.

Science likes to tell us that toxins like pesticides or preservatives aren’t harmful. But I don’t care. If my intuition says no that’s all I need to make my decision. I’m so sensitive these days I can feel the frequency of what I’m eating. I can feel if it’s good for me or not.

I don’t drink water with chlorine or flouride in it because I don’t want to nourish my body with that shit. Here in Melbourne, the chlorine in our water is so strong, when you fill a glass with water to drink it smells like a swimming pool. I just can’t.
This is what’s right for me – it may not be right for you – and that’s fine. You choose what is right for you.
The main thing I feel that keeps me from getting sick is my life force. It’s very high. I can feel it.

I’ve cleared out my low vibration emotions like grief, regret, depression and lack of self love. I intuitively know that when these toxic feelings get ‘stuck’, they manifest physically down the track.

They affect your mood, your emotions, your mental health and lastly, your physical health.

As with everything on my website, these are my opinions. But it’s obvious to me that humanity is starting to catch on that emotions like fear, regret, worry and sadness will make you sick if you stay stuck in that vibration for years.
‘Dis-ease’ is literally being ill at ease – or out of harmony with yourself for extended periods of time.

Actions to improve your immune system are not dependent on ONE single factor, it's the multifaceted approach that holds the key.

Mindful drawing – or any meditative practice – can assist you in recognising and making the choices that are right for you, to improve your immune system.

The best way to learn if something is true for you or not, is to have your own direct experience. Try it out for yourself – it’s never too late to start.
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