Light in my Shadow

Alleviate Boredom with a Cool New Hobby

Mindful drawing isn’t just a powerful tool to expand your consciousness, it also becomes an awesome hobby that boots boredom to the curb.

It becomes really satisfying to see your abstract creations come to life from blank, empty pieces of paper. You’ll soon let go of that pesky inner voice that says, “but I can’t draw…“. Yes you can.
Mindful drawing is for you –
it’s for everyone.

If you're alive, you my friend have creativity woven into your being. Humans are creator beings by nature.

If you’re not sure how to get started, hop over here and I’ll show you. Mindful drawing is easy, fun and it’s abstract – there is no wrong.

Your new mindful drawing hobby will spark an enthusiasm that helps you to get out of bed in the morning. It gives you something rewarding to sit down with after a long day, and it teaches you to enjoy time on your own.

Mindful drawing is a rewarding, fulfilling and powerful hobby that is the perfect remedy for boredom.

Here in the Western World, we are infected with boredom.

We fill our boredom in a variety of ways such as gaming, gambling, shopping, browsing the internet, binging on Netflix, sport, TV, being glued to social media or the news – these are some of the non-creative things we do to ‘entertain’ ourselves and pass the time.
alleviate boredom
Everything is fine in moderation, but after a while, too much becomes unsatisfying and these things WILL leave you empty.

One day you’ll wake up in your simulation of groundhog day and wonder WTF you’re doing. You’ll ask “is this IT?” Is this all that life’s meant to be”?
If you don’t heed the yellow flags, your boredom and dissatisfaction with life will grow. This is not only uncomfortable, it can also be dangerous.

Boredom can often lead to addiction and relapse.

Feeling bored? Let’s get high. Bored? I might just open a bottle of red (even though it’s not even lunchtime). Bored? I might spend $50 bucks of my rent money and gamble (which turns into $500…). This was me. Boredom was one of my many addiction triggers that was neurally carved like the Grand Canyon into my brain.

Creative hobbies are awesome. They raise your life force and make you feel ALIVE. They dissolve boredom by plugging you into magic because you are MAKING SOMETHING OUT OF ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Creative hobbies are things like experimenting with delicious recipes in your kitchen, making origami, writing poetry or stories, jewellery making, making music, playing with polymer clay or pottery, drawing, dancing, painting, mosiacing, macrame, metal work, building ALL KINDS OF STUFF, gardening, inventing things – they ALL use your creativity and imagination.
Mindful drawing also alleviates boredom in a different, FASCINATING way. It begins to show you there is something profound going on underneath the surface of ‘reality’.
When you put the brakes on your thoughts and programs (the way I teach) it expands your consciousness, and your perception of what ‘reality’ is also begins to expand.
This is where life begins to get REALLY INTERESTING.
If you’re curious to learn mindful drawing, I can teach you how to do it. Make it happen. Watch your programs disintegrate and peel back the layers of the grey and mundane. Tap into an experience that is going to blow your mind.
Life is not meant to be easy, but it is bloody mysterious and magical. You just gotta dig a little for it and peel off all those illusions and programs that we are conditioned to believe are ‘reality’.
Boredom will be a thing of your past and pure magic will become a reality of your NOW and your future. This is your game. You can create it if you choose.