Light in my Shadow

Mindful Drawing Helps You Get Out of Bed in the Morning

This benefit may not seem like such a big deal. But I tell you from experience, it can be really hard to get out of bed if you have low mood, grief, depression, no purpose, or are lacking the spark for life.
When you find it hard to face another day, mindful drawing is a hell of a big deal.

It’s a lifesaving big deal.
Every day at my rock bottom, I’d wake up at my sister’s house in a thick grey soup of regret, loss and horror at what my life had become. If the weather was grey and bleak it felt even worse. I felt very alone and empty inside.

The terrible feeling of “what’s the point” sticks to you like shitty velcro. It feels like groundhog day. It feels depressing and it’s scary because you know you can’t go on too long like this.

There was a year+ phase where this was every single day for me. And I know it’s not uncommon.

Across the world there are millions of us who feel this every day and we are far from alone in this bloody awful Earth-pickle. (And all this suffering is preventable, but don’t get me started on our toxic system which creates it….GRRRR – I’ll save my fury for another post).

After I began mindful drawing, I'd still get up with my grey inner-bleakness. Then I'd remember I’m in the middle of a really cool drawing.

I could see it leaning up against my wall and I’d feel a spark of light. I felt my life force again – which I thought was gone for good. A layer of grey would dissolve from my visage of life, and I would feel my world brighten just a little.

And I’d get out of bed, because I had something to LOOK FORWARD TO.
Once the practice of mindful drawing becomes wired into your subconscious (through repetition), it creates an anchor. Your body, mind and nervous system recognises it.
As soon as I sit down, it centres me. I feel a wave of calm, joy and excitement.

And it works. It’s helped me navigate through the darkest time of my life because it takes my MIND off my thoughts and puts the breaks on my programs. This is where suffering comes from.

Having a reason to get out of bed in the morning makes all the difference in the world.

It can literally be the difference between life and death. And this happens, because mindful drawing creates little sparks of joy. It starts as a tiny seed that grows and grows until gratitude comes to sit with you.
You don’t need to do anything except stop the thoughts and programs that block it.
I tell you now, gratitude is so bloody sweet when you haven’t had anything to be grateful for for a while.

These feel good seeds have full potential to create an ‘elastic band effect’, which can fling you into high frequency faster, especially if you have come from a place of immense suffering.

These feel good seeds have enormous power.

Sparks of joy, pride and gratitude raises your high frequency gamma brainwaves, which raises your vibration which triggers wave after wave of benefits. And the snowball starts from there, and it keeps on growing, unless you stop creating it.

If you’re struggling to get out of bed in the morning because your world has become grey, know that this too shall pass – if you create the actions to MAKE it pass (if I could do it, anyone can, seriously).
get out of bed
The blacker your darkness, the brighter your light is able to shine because the depths of what you have experienced is able to extend in both directions – not just in darkness and suffering only.

Mindful drawing can give you all the tools you need to trigger change. It can teach you to create a pathway into a future of inner joy – regardless of the circumstances that brought on your night.

Healing and accessing your TRUE NATURE is a processes, it takes time – but know it doesn’t have to stay like this. The benefits kick in fast. I have been you – I AM you. I see you my friend.
Without a word of exaggeration you are able to create a joyful, blissful future, because heaven and hell are states of consciousness.

You just need to install a new program and delete the old (crappy) ones we get dished out on Earth. What have you got to lose? I can teach you how to do it right here.