Light in my Shadow

“Connectivity” – Ink and Paint – 42cm x 29.7cm

I enjoy drawing all my mindful drawings – even the ones that turn out looking like crap (haha), but I loved drawing this piece. It’s called ‘connectivity’.

She is connected to the sun, the moon, the Earth and all of nature. Her roots run deep holding her strong. She is woven into the entire galaxy.
She’s connected to her emotions and is able to balance them just right these days. Her throat chakra is vibrant blue, because she has remembered how to speak her truth. She radiates the vibration of Love from her heart space.
I look at her and my heart feels full. “I love her”, I say in my inner dialogue. “She’s SO beautiful’. And my inner voice responds, “She is You”.

I exist in a state of deep gratitude these days because I know I am her. Because I looked for this Love since I was little, and got lost in addiction trying to find it.

This ‘Love’ – is to be unified with all life – a merging where the edges of ‘me’ and ‘it’ cannot be found. To see such divinity in creation and know I’m looking at a reflection of myself.

For over 40 years I was programmed with the illusion of separation. And it’s a big fat lie.

We are taught this way on Earth to divide us. To keep us in the dark. And it’s just another false program that can be unlearned.
She was there all along.
WE are ONE.