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feel proud of yourself

Feel Proud of Yourself with Mindful Drawing

This benefit kicks in as soon as you draw your first picture. Mindful drawing makes you feel proud of yourself.

You’ll feel proud of yourself when you finish a whole picture, but you’ll also get a little twinge of pride when you finish a small pattern. You’ll get a buzz when you fill a circle with wild colours, and you’ll get another nudge of joy when you finish one side of your snazzy abstract border.

You will even feel a small satisfying pinch when you draw a ‘really round’ freehand circle.

You’ll receive a dose of feel-good vibes over and over in each picture. Sometimes it’s subtle. Sometimes it’s big and obvious, but they ALL make you feel proud of yourself.
Every single one of these
feel good moments count.

For people like I was – heavy with sadness or grief these sparks matter a great deal. If you’re feeling dead inside, or if you’re stuck down at rock bottom – these feel-good moments are powerful. They give you a boost of desperately-needed joy.

These are sparks of high-vibration. They not only lift your mood, but these little surges of vitality and life-force are crucial for healing EVERYTHING – both emotional and physical.

When you feel proud of yourself, it sparks gratitude.

Gratitude opens up a powerhouse of benefits in its own right.
These are little seeds
from which

Even if you’re feeling like utter crap and it’s been years since you smiled inside – if you put in the work it WILL happen. I can teach you how to tap into these benefits using mindful drawing.

You’ll feel this nudge of joy and pride over and over again – and you deserve to – because you CREATED IT from absolutely nothing.
This is your game. You get to play it as you choose. See how you can shape the outcome of your reality with your actions? Now keep on going. You got this.
feel proud of yourself