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Improve Brain Function (you get smarter!)

Well this is a little embarrassing to post because I don’t like tooting my own horn, but I have to say it: In the last three years I’ve gotten smarter. There. Said it. With the right actions, humans have the complete ability to improve brain function, just like we can build muscle at the gym.

No doubt about it - my brain function has cranked up a few notches. 

In the last year I’ve noticed I can process information much faster than I previously could. I’m able to pull concepts and solutions together from a bigger pool of available information, and my memory has crept up to a level that’s pretty bloody good.

But wait, there’s more (steam train coming through…).

I can perceive far more detail when I’m observing and recall it all later. I’m also able to remember people’s names, which I’ve never been able to do. I can think methodically, and I’m able to prioritise a vast array of options in an instant. And my concentration and focus has accelerated from zero to warp drive.

Even my wit has even gotten just a scrape quicker (hell I’m blushing) – even if I say so myself. Toot toot (I have to. It’s my post).

Sure I improved my brain function when I stopped drinking alcohol every day.

I also likely regenerated a bunch of neurons when I stopped smoking bongs and put the crack pipe down.

Without a doubt my old addictions did tons of damage. My addictions were not small – they were long-term monsters, and I know they impeded my cognitive function.

But. I know without a shadow of a doubt, my improved brain function is significantly attributed to how I am exercising my brain.

You can improve brain function by consciously pulling up high-frequency gamma brainwaves.

Elevated gamma brainwaves (in the absence of disease or injury) are a sign that rapid neurogenesis and neuroplasticity is occurring in the brain.

You’re literally growing new braincells and connecting them in increasingly intricate ways.
When I’m recording my brainwaves I can see the high gamma brainwaves on my graphs, but it feels like my brain is literally lit up. Not with thought chatter – but with multiple layers of awareness.
I can feel
my consciousness expanding
I’m also aware of several layers of cognitive function occurring simultaneously.

During a mindful drawing session, I’m completely connected to my emotional state, while having high-level awareness layered ontop (‘aha’ moments beaming in). On top of this I’m spatially calculating the measurements of the patterns I’m drawing.

These ‘separate layers’ of cognitive function are all occurring at the same time.
Elevated or rising gamma is a marker you’re pushing the boundaries of your brain into new territories. Your brain is firing up because it is literally learning new things. You’re expanding the parameters of your consciousness beyond its current state.

It’s like going to the gym, but for your brain. I call it the ‘frequency gym’.
Pulling up your gamma waves indicates your upstairs neuron factory is cranking into high production. It’s laying out new neural pathways into quiet, unused areas of the brain. It’s grabbing information from different parts of the brain all at once. I think it’s bloody exciting.

So how do you increase your high frequency gamma brainwaves?

If you’re familIar with my work, you’ll know raise my gamma brainwaves through my powerful little practice of mindful drawing. It contains all the elements that trigger the high-frequency, high gamma brainwave state.
But there are many other ways to tap into this brainwave state – if the activity incorporates the right elements. You need focus, attention and concentration. It needs to challenge you enough to engage you (because boredom is a braincell killer) and you’ve got to do it consistently.
This is how you get your neurons firing, wiring AND multiplying which means you increase your brain function and you get smarter.

Eat tasty brain foods to improve memory and brain function.

These days I also eat foods that improve brain function, especially as I get older. I have organic blueberries with my oats every second day. I eat avocados, nuts, seeds, green veggies (you can make em SO GOOD) and I sometimes pig out on squares of dark chocolate.

All of these foods are known to be useful to improve memory and brain function. I’m also about to incorporate walnuts into my diet, because, well, they look like a brain.
improve brain function

I'm not saying I'm the smartest cookie in the jar because I'm not even close.

What I am saying, is by exercising my brain through the consistent practice of mindful drawing, I’m raising my gamma brainwaves. And by doing so I’m activating cognitive abilities that I’ve never had access to.

I actually failed high school and dropped out at 14, then for the next few decades I got trapped in addiction. I’m pretty fascinated to see that as I get older, my cognitive abilities are not declining, they’re increasing. If I can do this? Anyone can.
I’m so keen to explore neurogenesis and neuroplasticity. I know we’re just scratching the surface of the immense potential of humanity, and I want to see how far we can go.

There is so much of the brain that we don’t use yet….What’s the golden key? How do we get in the door to poke around and explore? I believe it’s triggering the high-frequency, high gamma brainwave state.

I can teach you how to do it, here. Open-sesame.