Light in my Shadow

“Galactic Guide” – Ink and Paint – 42cm x 29.7cm

I’ve drawn a few of these ladies now. They live on my wall at home and they have a purpose:
I found this out by accident. I drew my first one, maybe two years ago. I put her on my wall. And often I’d stand in front of her, and I’d look at her. And I found I was able to hear my own intuition, far clearer, when I connected with her.

I draw all my galactic ladies pretty similar: the Blue Throat Chakra area, which I draw in order to help me speak my truth. I always draw the Third Eye and Crown Chakra area in gigantic mandalas. These sections represent consciousness expansion.

When I stand in front of them and gaze at their eyes or the Crown Chakra area, I can ask a question with deep intention, I get an answer.

I don’t know where it comes from and I don’t care – the information is derived of the love-frequency. I know it’s either my higher-self, my guides or some part of me that knows.

As time goes on, my own intuition is growing stronger and clearer, and I find I need these galactic ladies less, to do the job for me.

These galactic ladies also represent different aspects of me.

This one here, represents the archetype of the mother – the nurturer. The creator, the tender of the garden. The gentle soul aspect of me who loves to bring things to life – like my website, or my creative projects or a garden.

I have another galactic lady (who’s not on my website), she is the first one I drew. She is the crone – older than time itself.

She represents the wise old soul who has seen everything, and is fazed by nothing. She knows all and is far more serious. She embodies winter – the ancient end of all seasons. She’s the one I connect to the strongest.

And the third one I’ve drawn, she’s the childlike, playful aspect of me. The maiden. Always skipping, clapping and playing, always looking at things in curiosity and wonder.
Together they are different multidimensional layers of my soul, that represent me in my Earth incarnation.

One day soon I’ll find time to make a tutorial on how to create your own intuitive guide for your wall. When you measure out the different areas for the eyes, nose, etc, they’re easy! No skill required.

On a mystical side note, last October (2019) I had a tarot reading with an old witchy woman when we went away on a girl’s weekend. She didn’t know me, and out of all the questions in the universe, the very first thing she asked me was, “Do you draw guides?” And that’s when I realised that’s what they were. So, yes, I guess I do.

Some people have photos of their human families on their wall. My walls are covered with intergalactic family from my imagination…. Cosmic ladies who act as my intuitive amplifiers and represent different archetypal aspects of my soul. Don’t knock it til you try it haha 😉

If you’d like some galactic fam for your own walls, stay tuned for a tutorial on how to draw your own. Coming soon.