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Strengthen Intuition – Reactivate Your Superpower

Learning how to strengthen intuition is so important. I honestly don’t know how people get through life without it.

We all have access to intuition, but most people don’t use it because they don’t even know it’s there.
Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Carl Jung
and Steve Jobs
were all BIG fans
of the powers of intuition.
Intuition is also a quality highly sought after by the CIA and the US Military. The military spends big bucks researching how to strengthen intuition because they know it’s there.

When you can feel where the enemy is, or you know when to go this way, or that way, or who to trust and your life depends on it? Now that’s a damn powerful ability to have. And we ALL have access to it.

We strengthen intuition by using it.

The more you use your intuition, the stronger it gets. If you don’t use it, you lose it. Just like our brain function or the muscles in our body.

Intuition appears as a feeling, a knowing or a whisper – it’s a nudge that comes from somewhere other than your logical, thinking mind, and it indicates to take a course of action.

Where does it come from? Who knows. I personally think it’s a connection to my higher self. Carl Jung referred to intuition as “perception via the unconscious”.
In practical terms, intuition will nudge you to meet up with this person – or not. It’ll give you a feeling not to turn down a certain street because something feels wrong. It may indicate to read a certain book, watch a particular documentary, call this person, go for that job interview, look at a new house for rent, move to another city – so on.
At the time, there’s no logical basis for why you’re doing this thing – but later you’ll look back and see that it led you to something – perhaps information, knowledge, an opportunity, a partner, a job, a huge lesson, or maybe it even saved your life.
Your intuition will take you on a journey to collect all your puzzle pieces one by one. It’ll take you all the way to where you’re meant to go.

Intuition is the invisible roadmap that you can feel.

Your mind can often be confused as intuition.

When you’re beginning to work with your intuition, it can often be confused with the voice of your mind – that is – your ego, your wants, fears or your likes and dislikes.
In time you’ll notice the nuances, and you’ll begin to find there’s a distinct difference between the voice of your mind, and the voice of your intuition, and you’ll learn this, through experience.

Intuition happens for me, almost always, through knowing.

I’ll give you an example of how it works for me: Say I’m reading an article about meditation, and the author will casually mention how they found a certain book really useful. It’ll jump out and spark my interest for a second, then I’ll scroll on.

The next day, I’m reading something different, and in the comments section, someone will randomly mention: “If I had to pick one book on meditation to share with the whole world, it’d be ___”, and they mention that same book.

This is my ‘ping’ (I live for ‘ping’ moments – you are literally witnessing magic happen). But you gotta notice it.

Intuition works very well in tandem with synchronicity. These two are an interconnected dream-team of magical shizz.

Synchronicity between the two events is connecting them. But my intuition gets it. My intuition is pinging me to order that book – I know there’s something in there for me. I’ll order that book and when I read it, it’ll contain information I need somehow. It’s giving me more vital pieces of my puzzle.

Another way it might happen is like this: I’ll be kicking back on my bed at night, looking for something to watch, and a certain documentary or interview will stand out. If it’s not a particular want or desire from my ego or mind causing it to stand out, I know it’s my intuition. So I’ll watch it.

At some point in the doco, it’ll hand me another puzzle piece I need. My inner voice yells out, “F*CK YEEEAH!! Thank you!!”, and I’ll do a little inner dance of gratitude.

Intuition comes in many forms.

Sometimes instead of a feeling, intuition is more like a soft whisper (which I’m super fond of these days).

It works like this: I’m thinking of several options in relation to something I’m working on. I hear a whisper that literally says ‘Do that thing” – it’ll tell me which one to go for. And I’m on it. I know that voice is me – higher me – and I trust it implicitly.

The only time intuition can NOT serve your highest good, is when it’s mind, or ego.

It is your responsibility to use your abilities wisely, ethically and with the purest integrity for the greatest good of yourself, the collective and all living beings. Or there are consequences…just sayin…
Follow Your Soul
It Knows the Way

How mindful drawing helps strengthen intuition.

Mindful drawing helps activate and strengthen intuition in two ways:

Intuition is yet another benefit that becomes activated when you put the breaks on your thoughts and programs. You gotta crack a hole in the rock-solid ceiling of your beliefs and subconscious programs – because generally our society just doesn’t accept that it’s real.
Most people don’t talk about it, our teachers, parents and guides in life don’t show us how to use it. It’s not their fault, no one taught them to use it either. They may even ridicule it. A belief that it does not exist will shut it down and deactivate it.

But intuition never goes away - you just need to reactivate it. 

If you’re thinking this sounds like some Harry Potter wizard-shit, I’m not expecting you take my word for it, I am suggesting you try it for yourself.

When you consistently create a space in your thoughts/beliefs/programs, THE TRUTH can now filter back in and create a shift. One of these shifts, will be the activation of intuition. You’ll notice it, and if you choose to, you’ll begin to use it.
Consistent use is how you strengthen intuition – just like working out in a gym. The more you use it, the stronger it gets.

Intuition is your inherent ability and right.
It’s already yours. It always was (you just forgot...).

Another way mindful drawing reconnects you with your intuition is, we practice using our intuition while we are drawing.

When you’re drawing shapes, patterns and working with different colours, I’ll teach you to follow the inner nudge – to draw what you feel like drawing.

Often if we feel like doing something a certain way, our mind talks us out of it – it tells us it’s going to look dumb or silly. Here we observe the mind, and we move through its fear-based narratives of ‘DON’T DO IT’. In mindful drawing, WE DO IT.
Through repetition, you’ll become more familiar with what you feel (your intuition), and you’ll get more confident in following it.

Gradually you’ll take your newly activated superpower out into the real world, and get stuck into using it there.
Your rational and logical mind is excellent at doing what it does best: learning, calculations, working things out, rolling out plans and engaging with others.

But there is an entirely separate other half we’re not using: The intuitive mind.

Start letting it drive too – watch the amazing places it leads you. It will put you on the path to exactly where you need to go.
strengthen intuition

Feature image credit: Android Jones