Light in my Shadow

Increase Sensory Perception and Get Naturally High on Life

When you increase your sensory perception, life becomes mind-blowingly beautiful. It becomes richer, deeper and it affects you on a very profound level.
When you notice your sensory perception increase, it’s a sign you’re on the path to expanded awareness. It’s just one benefit of raising your high frequency gamma brainwave state.
You’ll also tap into higher levels of sensory perception as a result of becoming increasingly mindful. You begin to notice tiny details in the little things you couldn’t see before.

Lately my increase in sensory perception has been really obvious.

The more I practice mindful drawing, the more I raise my gamma waves (I can see it on my EEGS), the more I expand my consciousness and the more heightened my sensory perception becomes.
It’s so blissful it triggers deep gratitude, which raises your frequency even further…and you get stuck in a bloody awesome loop you never want to get out of.

Here's an example of what it's like when you increase sensory perception.

Yesterday I walked to the beach. I took my shoes off to connect with Mother Earth and I stood ankle-deep in the tiny waves that lap against the shore.
As I was standing in the water, I immediately noticed I could perceive far more detail than I usually could.
The ocean ripples were sparkly – they were more alive. I felt the coldness of the water more intensely than usual, and I had conscious awareness of the water’s viscosity – I felt the ‘thinness’ of the water on my skin.
The clouds were morphing from one masterpiece to another every single second – more detailed and alive than any painting could ever be. I could see birds far out on the horizon, circling in the sky and nose-diving into the water with a tiny splash and the smell the salt and seaweed was more intense than usual.
The plays of light underneath the water shimmered and wavered, distorting the forms of little fish who hang out in the shallows. Reality appeared far more vibrant than it usually did. I was aware of hundreds of different layers of individual miracles, interwoven to form one ‘NOW moment’ of reality.
Often now, I go to the same location, and things will look very ‘different’. It used to puzzle me, but now I know what it is. My reality is shifting as my consciousness is expanding.
The more I put in the work,
the more I can perceive.
The experience moved me with huge gratitude. I saw this beautiful experience through my eyes, yet I know it had little to do with my physical eyes. I know I was perceiving these extra layers of richness with my soul.
But it gets even more mind-blowing than that. I WAS that which I was looking at.
A connection to unity consciousness is my reality now. This ‘separation’ that we’re taught on Earth is one of the biggest illusions on planet. Hit delete on that bullshit – remove the program.
To know that you are ONE WITH ALL THINGS is the most beautiful source of love there is. It reminded me of a few years ago when I first experienced it. But this time I’d dropped some acid.
When used correctly, psychedelics are powerful tools that can easily dissolve the illusion of separation and plug you back into unity consciousness. If you happen to be out in nature, your sensory perception and awe goes through the roof because you ARE that which you see, and the feeling of LOVE is indescribable.
It is one of the most beautiful experiences there is, and you don’t need psychedelics to get there once you dissolve the program of separation.
Unity consciousness
is an inherent part
of your true nature.

This experience happened just as I'd entered my rock bottom, and it's since become one of my favourite memories of my life.

In 2016 I flew to Queensland to spend New Years Day on a beach, all on my own. I’d dropped a tab of acid on the beach, and I walked and walked for hours.
I had this deserted golden beach all to myself with the perfect backdrop of crashing waves. As I was walking I couldn’t stop laughing in sheer delight and gratitude at the exquisite beauty of it all. My heavy dead weight of grey shadows, temporarily dissolved. It became the most sensory rich, delicious day in my life, because my sensations were heightened by 1000.
I walked and laughed in pure bliss, splashing like a kid in the salty purifying water. The warm afternoon breeze was caressing my body like soft velvet, and I was squishing sand through my fingers marveling at the wondrous feeling like I’d never felt it before. I’d rub sand all over my legs and wash it off in salty ocean water feeling such a deep connection to nature. Hours later, I watched the sun go down into a brilliant sunset.
When nightfall came, my mind was blown to a whole new level. I saw billions of glittering stars scattered like tiny diamonds against the blackest sky. The milky way was smeared like glitter across the blackness, glowing brighter than I’d ever seen before. I could hear the waves crashing in the darkness, and I just lay there on the sand for hours, in the warm summer night, sprawled out under these glittering stars, feeling a very emotional connection to the sky.
I was strongly drawn to a particular patch of stars and spent hours plugged into them, downloading an unspoken comfort that things were going to be okay.

The next day I looked up this patch of stars, and I learned they were the Seven Sisters – The Pleiades. Of course they were. Somehow on a deeper level, I already knew that.

These days, I can climb close to that state without the psychedelics. Not all the way though. That bloody awful illusion of separation has been dissolved for over a year now, and I am eternally grateful that oneness, unity and connection with all living things is now my base state.
But as I do the work in raising my gamma waves, raising my frequency and expanding my consciousness, I am witnessing my sensory perception heightening further.
This thing I looked for everywhere – was right under my nose the whole time. It is honestly hands down the best high in the world (multiplied by infinity!).

Nothing beats pure, high frequency Love.
At one point yesterday I looked around the beach, and aside from one or two people walking their dogs, no one was around – and I live in a very populated area.

I couldn’t help but wonder, “WHY THE HELL IS EVERYONE NOT DOING THIS?” And then I realised – they can’t see it. Just like I couldn’t see it for so long.
increase sensory perception
Every time I’m down at the beach, the joy and deep love I experience always reminds me of my one big life goal: To help others who are suffering see this too. To share the exact tools that got me out.

It also happened to be my Dad’s birthday yesterday, and I felt his presence with me as I went to the beach. I wished he could have felt this while he was alive. I wish he could have peered for a moment through my soul. Who knows, maybe he did. I like to think so.