Light in my Shadow

Learn How to Accept Things You Can’t Change

It can be really hard to accept things you can’t change. Especially if they’re big things. But we can’t rewind the clock. Once it’s done? It’s done.
Often it has to do with our own actions – either deliberate or accidental. Maybe it involves hurting someone – or perhaps people have hurt us. It could have to do with illness, the loss of something important, witnessing something traumatic or the death of a loved one.
It takes time to process big events. But after that?

For the sake of your future happiness and healing, it is crucial to accept those things you can’t change, and release it.

On the flip side of every shitty pancake, there is a gift.

The toughest things we face have the ability to teach us the most powerful lessons if we allow it to.
If you don’t learn to accept things you can’t change, then you’re stuck with this shitty ‘thing’ having happened AND extracting absolutely nothing positive out of it.
No fuel, no lessons, no growth – no benefits at all. Just acid and salt rubbed into your wounds every time you’re triggered by it because you’re not able to move past it.
As you develop the self-awareness and insight to go deeper, you can find the gold hidden within this experience. Then the question becomes, “so what is this here to teach me?”

I created a lot of mess that I struggled to accept for quite a while.

As an addict for many years, I created a bunch of awful things because of my actions.
I talk about these events in other posts so I won’t rehash the darkness here, but I hurt people I loved, and I destroyed trust. I shattered worlds including my own and I must live with this.
During my rock bottom, I wasn’t able to move beyond the horrendous mess I’d created and it consumed me for a few years. I was stuck in it like mud and I just couldn’t move.
Now I’ve transformed this guilt, shame, sadness and remorse into fuel, to push me further than I’d ordinarily be able to go. I had to.
You CANNOT heal while you hang onto heavy, low-vibration emotions because it will hold you in a place of suffering.

For the sake of your own survival, you MUST let it go.
‘Spiritual alchemy’ is the transmutation of a negative, into a positive. A painful experience has FULL potential to become fuel for great change.
If something is in the past, it cannot be changed. It is done. The only thing that can be changed, is YOU.
accept things you can't change
Low-vibration emotions like regret, anger, grief that is ‘stuck’, guilt and shame, are toxic to your mental heath and well-being. If you allow it to stick around for too long, it will eventually manifest in your physical body.
Dis-ease – being ‘ill at ease’,
means you are out of
harmonic alignment
with yourself.

How mindful drawing helps you to accept things you can't change.

If you’re struggling to accept something that has happened, mindful drawing helps because it gives you a break from your thoughts and programs, by putting your full focus into what you’re drawing.
It enables you to crack a hole in your rock-solid ceiling of thoughts, beliefs and programs. With consistent practice, a big range of benefits will start to grow.
Soon you begin to see things from a higher perspective.
You begin to see what you have control over and what you don’t. You’ll accept what’s done is done.
When the time is right you’ll begin the process of acceptance, and gradually you’ll release feelings like regret, shame, guilt from your being.
You know you must in order to heal and move forward.
You’ll begin to see the layers of lessons this event is here to teach you. If the event was big, the growth it offers you will be equivalent.
When you accept things you can’t change and let it go, it doesn’t mean you don’t get sad anymore, because you may. But the emotion moves through you, it does not stay stuck, poisoning you.

Free Yourself and accept things you can't change. Let it go.

Free yourself from your past and from the narratives the mind likes to replay, like blame, guilt, fear, shame, regret, or wishing you could turn back the clock – because you can’t.

Sit with it for as long as you need to. Feel all the emotions as they arise. Write your feelings out, or talk to someone if you need to. Acceptance will come in perfect timing. All you need to do is put in the work to free yourself.
At its core the question is this: are you going to let it imprison you for the rest of your life?

Or will you transform it into a gift, to access deeper parts of yourself and to attain higher states of consciousness?
This is your choice – it’s your game.
Play it as you choose.
The most painful things we experience, offer us the greatest leaps forward in consciousness. These events can become our greatest teachers.