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Tap Into Flow States – The Optimum State of Being

When you tap into flow states, you know it. It’s the smooth state of high-function where you’re super productive, awareness is expanded and inspiration is funneling in.
When you’re in a state of flow you often lose track of time because you’re so immersed in what you’re doing. It feels good, and the energy of gratitude you’re feeling for all this palpable awesomeness is just pulling more flow into the vortex.

To function in a state of flow is an optimum state of being.

You’re flowing with the current of life, instead of swimming against it. When you’re swimming against the current, everything you do is a slog. It just seems really hard.

The reason it’s hard, is because you’re not in flow. You’re out of alignment with what you’re meant to be doing.

When you feel this lack of harmony in your life, flick into observation mode, use some self-awareness, a good dose of willpower and pull yourself back ON your path.

So how do you tap into flow states?

There are several key factors that can swing open the door to flow:

– You’re partaking in an activity of some kind – that is – you’re engaged in doing something;

– Attention and concentration. You’re intently focused on what you’re doing;

– Engaging in an activity that requires enough skill level to challenge you, yet not too much that your task is difficult. It can’t be so easy that it induces boredom (lack of engagement);

– Repetition is a factor. Your conscious mind can take a back seat which induces a ‘zone’;

– Enjoyment, or having a big chunk of passion for what you’re doing.
Harvard Health sums it up as “high skill + high challenge = flow”.
Athletes, artists, musicians, dancers, cooks, gardeners, writers, designers, meditators, inventors and visionaries all tap into flow states.

They have the right balance of discipline to intently focus on what they’re doing, and surrender to let go and get into the flow. The flow state is a ‘genius’ state of being.
You can churn out excellent work in the flow state. It feels really satisfying, effortless, and it can be of such a high caliber, that it feels like it’s coming from ‘somewhere else’.
I personally think you’re tapping into your higher self, or a higher state of consciousness when you find your flow.

Mindful drawing often triggers flow states, because it contains the elements that creates it.

Mindful drawing involves repetition which creates a rhythm that induces flow.

One of the principles of mindful drawing is, “Go slow, get into the flow”. Repetition means you don’t require your conscious thinking mind, so it’s easy to enter the ‘zone’.

You’re fully focused on what you’re doing, and you’ll likely get sparks of joy and gratitude which raise life force. These open up the vortex of flow.

It may not be the same for everyone. Everyone has different things they enjoy doing. It may not happen every time you do that thing.

Many times I mindfully draw and I don’t fall into flow states. It requires the unique combination of factors I just mentioned to slide into the state of flow – and this precise recipe does not happen every single time. And that is perfectly fine.
Personally, I think when you tap into flow states, you’re doing what you’re meant to be doing.

You’re aligned with the path you’re meant to be on right now. It feels too right for it to be anything other than exactly where you’re meant to be. It’s meditative, it’s productive and enriching. It just feels really good.
Pay attention to the circumstances that created it for you.
Do more of that.

When you consistently practice mindful drawing (or any creative, or meditative practice), you’ll sooner or later tap into flow states. The more you do it, the further you raise your high frequency gamma brainwaves, which raises your vibration, which opens up further flow.

Flow states are a high gamma brainwave (high frequency) state of being.

With practice, it becomes easier to tap into flow states in other areas of your life.

The reason this happens is because you become more in tune with what brings you joy, and you’re doing more of that. You’re less inclined to be in situations which conflict against the harmony of what you prefer.
You’ve got more courage and self awareness to walk away from things that aren’t resonant with your energy and you also become more in tune with your intuition. All of these qualities align with flow.
When I’m chopping veggies preparing dinner I can slide into a flow state. If I’m weaving beads for a dream catcher I’ll often open the portal. Walking along the beach collecting shells can trigger it easily, as does collecting feathers while I’m walking in my local park listening to the sounds of birds.

Often when I’m writing, I’ll start banging away at my laptop when it’s light outside, and what seems like ten minutes later, I’ll look up and it’s dark outside. It’s been two hours! That’s the flow state.
You know it when you’re in it, because you feel like you’re getting to where you want to go with the least effort, in an enjoyable, productive way that induces gratitude.

And these are flow states. It’s a state of energetic harmony with what you’re doing.

Notice it when it happens. And do more of that.
tap into flow states