Light in my Shadow

The Archeological Dig – My Dream

In my dream I was standing a dark hallway in a house. My house. There was a dark living room to my right, and there were two or three children playing animatedly in the dark lounge room.

The children felt very familiar, and I was connected to them – yet they were not mine.

While I was standing in the hallway, someone began knocking at the front door. I could see a man’s silhouette through the frosted panel, and he looked terrifying.

I could see his outline, and he looked like he was holding an axe in his hand. I was frightened, yet I moved slowly towards the door – I had no control over this – and I opened it in fear.

As soon as I opened it, bright sunlight streamed in through the door. The sky was perfect blue, and the man turned out to be an official in a suit. It wasn’t an axe he was holding – it was a briefcase.

He very kindly informed me they were conducting an archeological dig in my front yard – they were looking for artifacts and treasures.

I stepped out past him onto soft green grass, and squinted in the sunlight. The landscape was lush, with rolling green hills and trees, and people were dotted around, sitting under the warm sun on picnic blankets.

Children were playing and laughing, and everyone was keenly interested in watching the dig happen. I could see an excavator, and men in flannel shirts and hard hats were standing around a deep hole in the ground.

The first thing they’d found was an ancient relic from another time, with the word ‘visa’ on it.


Another dream from the rock-bottom archives of 2017. What it means:

This house in my dream, represents my ‘house’ – my psyche, my subconscious mind.

My house at the time was very dark. Yet there were children there – joy, curiosity, playfulness and innocence were still present in one part of the house.

Something is trying to get into my house. I assume this thing is terrifying, when in fact, it’s just a projection of my fear. When I open the door, it turns out to be something beautiful, that fills my world with light and joy.

There is great treasure underneath the surface layer of my house. As the archeologists dig deep, the first thing they find, is an ancient ‘visa’ – which symbolises ‘travel’ of the mind or spirit – movement from one state of being to another.